Why I don’t like to travel

On this website, I am often lyrically enthusiastic about travel. Which obviously is a very good thing. But not all is puppies and sunshine. Let me explain.

It’s tiring!

First thing I don’t like when traveling is the constant exhaustion. I don’t like sitting around at the pool or hang in a bar/coffee place too long. So as soon as I wake up I start exploring, walking around, doing activities. I won’t stop until it’s time again to go to bed.

The result is that I am completely pooped at the end of the day. That being said, all the things I see and do make up for it.

You have to pack everything

I am a very organized packer. My clothes are always in packing cubes and my photography equipment is stored safely in a bag. But as organized as I am, I’m also very last minute. The night in advance I start collecting, throwing things around, ironing pants, pairing socks, …

Doing a good job packing is totally worth it during your trip though. So this is just the whine of a spoiled brat.

You have to unpack everything

Well, I tend to forget this one… Sometimes I’ve been home for a couple of days already, and my laundry is still in the bag. Possibly fermenting, nobody knows! Anyway, after a couple of days, I finally find the motivation to open the bag and clean its contents.

If putting clothes from a bag into a laundry machine is all I complain about, then I think it’s not that bad.

So much photo-editing

I make photos during my travels, a lot of them. Each day I easily click 500 photos. So multiply that by a couple of days, and you see my struggle. Going through them all, selecting, editing them, and then uploading them to my Instagram. Urgh!

All those memories I collect, memes I make of friends, and eye-candy I create… well it’s totally worth it!

Limited access to your emails/office

During travel, I often lose my internet connection, for some reason. I also just don’t like looking for WiFi when roaming around the city. I’ll just use my own data. Only at the hotel/hostel, I will connect to WiFi.

It’s actually quite nice to not have to reply to each email immediately. I should get away from my office more often!

I’m not in my own bed/bathroom

I used to be really “loyal” to my bed and bathroom, especially the toilet. Now, since I am less in my own space, I am used to it all.

In the end, it’s all about getting used to some experiences. Practice makes perfect!

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