Places in the world where I want to go AGAIN

The world is a big place. Yet, with human progress, it gets smaller and smaller. I haven’t seen it all. I haven’t even seen 10%, probably. But in that 10%, there are places I want to see again. Places I thoroughly enjoyed or did not discover enough.

I didn’t go through my blog posts or photos to get to this list, and I didn’t want specific memories or pictures I like to weigh too much in the decision-making. I just opened Google Maps, zoomed out so I could see the entire globe, and scan the continents I’ve visited.

Some things came to mind quickly. Places that are stuck inside my head for some reason or another. Almost like unfinished thoughts coming through every once in a while. Those are the locations I will focus on in this article.

Burg Eltz – Germany

This is the only building-specific destination on this list. I visited it a couple of years ago on a road trip with a friend, and I was excited about our visit to the ‘Instagram castle.’ But upon arrival, I was slightly underwhelmed.

The grey weather, the trees getting ready for fall, and the touristic atmosphere didn’t live up to this magical castle in the middle of the forest.

I feel I must have done something wrong. My mindset, my timing (which wasn’t in my control), and I didn’t do an excellent job.

For that reason, I should revisit it in a better season and at a better time of the day.


I quickly fell in love with this city. Even though I was there for only two nights on a race around Europe. A friend and I booked a trip that would give us three city trips in 5 days. We didn’t know which cities it would be in advance, and Lisboa was the first one.

And I loved it. The food was terrific, and the city was beautiful. Since we didn’t know we were going there, we couldn’t prepare anything. Yet strolling around the city was all I could ever ask for.

Maybe this time, I need to make it a more romantic trip with my girlfriend and plan out things more.


Another surprise trip. We didn’t know where we would end up. Five days in Prague is plenty. With my friend, we visited several areas of the city and all kinds of museums. It was a fun trip. The absinth might have had something to do with that.

Our visit was during fall, which gave the trees a nice yellow color. Though, I feel it can be a very romantic city during spring.


Arctic Cathedral in beeld

It’s not necessarily the city of Tromso itself; it’s the region around it too. I spent two weeks there. But those two weeks were filled with babysitting my niece back then. Since my brother and his wife had to work there, and I hadn’t any responsibilities for that period, I joined them.

But my entire two weeks were spent with my 1-year-old niece in playgrounds in some small village. (For a small town, it had a surprisingly large amount of playgrounds, though).

I feel like camping around the region would be fun to do. Enjoy the many gorgeous landscapes Norway has to offer.

I’m curious now, what destinations you’ve visited do you want to see again?

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