How to do photography at home

During a pandemic, it’s sometimes hard to go outside and photograph the world. Especially since traveling is mostly prohibited, so let’s get creative and learn how to do photography at home.

There are plenty of ways to practice your photography at home. Of course, there are more ways than I can show you here. If you have an idea that is not mentioned in this blog post, let me know on Instagram with the hashtag #fredography.

Do macro photography on a bouquet of flowers

It’s always nice to have flowers in the house. So get some in a shop or order them online. Next up, get out a macro-lens or macro-tubes and get shooting.

It’s amazing how creative you can get with just a couple of flowers. It’s also a nice way to practice your skills when the time comes that we can go outside again.

Do studio photography with your favorite objects

Getting a couple of lights (any light will do) and your favorite objects together is a nice way to practice your understanding of light and studio photography.

Try different angles and combinations to get the best results. The nice part of this is to have photos of those objects. Which is always nice in case you might lose them.

Throw the photos on some stock photography website to get a few bucks out of it too. 😉

Reedit your old photos

If you are anything like me, you have hard drives and cloud-storage full of photos. Raw-files from ages ago, just sitting there.

Start Lightroom, get your photos in there, and edit them with your fresh eyes and new knowledge.

Then, you can make a comparison with the previous time you have edited the photos.

Get into food photography

If you live together with someone like my girlfriend, you will have plenty of good food to photograph every day.

Even if you don’t have a personal chef available, you have to eat every day. So try and take good photos of your food. Just as a practice.

Explore your own city

Okay, okay, not really something you do at home. But I guess you can go outside and do a bit of local travel photography. You don’t have to hop on an airplane before being allowed to call it ‘travel photography.’

On the plus side, you probably won’t have that many tourists annoying you. 😇

Get your work on stock photo websites

While creating all these photos and browsing through the old ones, you can as well upload them to a stock photo website. This way, these (old) photos can make you some passive income.

I made an entire guide on how to do stock photography without putting in too much effort.

Read photography books

To practice photography, I recommend doing photography, but reading about it can be very inspiring and informative.

Order some books in a local bookshop and get reading. Which books you order are, of course, related to the type of photography you prefer doing.

Still, some of my recommendations are Authentic Portraits by Chris Orwig, Portrait photography with natural light by Scott Kelby, and Soviet Bus Stops by Christopher Herwig.

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