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Filling in these tags about myself is something I can occasionally enjoy. I just hope that doesn’t come off as me being a narcissist. Anyhow, I found this tag and decided to give it a go. If you use this one too, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I would love to read your facts too.

I discovered this on the Dutch blog by Marcella Molenaar.


1 – I made my first flight back in 2008 when I was 16 years old. It was to New York with my parents and siblings.
2 – As a kid our family always went to Denmark, later Italy and a couple of times sailing in The Netherlands.
3 – The first country I went to without my parents or school was to the Canary Islands. If I remember correctly it was on Gran Canaria.
4 – My first destination outside of Europe was New York, followed by Canada and Namibia.
5 – In Canada I went from Montreal, to Ottowa, Toronto, Quebec and Tadoussac.


6 – I’ve been to 20 countries so far, and love to ad some to that list.
7 – Most countries I visited only once, but some countries I visited multiple times: Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Germany.
8 – I mainly do citytrips, but plan on doing more trips into nature.
9 – I visited 3 continents. Europe, one time to Africa and two times to North-America.
10 – I made atleast 41 flights, but I feel like I’m forgetting some.

About this blog

11 – I have this blog for almost 3 years, the first years I wasn’t as active as I should.
12 – Blogging for me is a fun extra to do during the week and weekends. It’s mainly the travels that I really love to make.
13 – I do work together with brands, but usually I’m just organising things by myself.
14 – I already wrote more than 150 blogposts on this website.
15 – Instagram helps me to improve my photography by looking at what others do. I do feel like it’s not really the best place to showcase my photos though. It’s often very person based, and I have more focus to nature and landscape.


16 – You might notice from my photos that I love the time before, during and after sunset. It just looks so magical!
17 – My favorite country to go to are the Scandinavian ones. I’m currently planning on visiting Sweden again.
18 – I feel a roadtrip is far more relaxing than flying, but I do it too little.
19 – The most fun cities I find are Berlin, Lisbon and Antwerp.
20 – I never take public transport while in a city. I do everything by foot to see more.


21 – I love seeing animals. I still want to see the big 5 and would love to see a polar bear once.
22 – I already saw a nice part of the world, but every time I feel the world gets bigger and I need to see more and go back to places to discover hidden gems.
23 – I have a wishlist of places I still want to go, I even made a blogpost about it.
24 – When it comes to cities: I love to re-visit Lisbon. I also want to go to Moskow, Oslo, Johannesburg and Ulaan Bataar.
25 – Countries I want to visit again? Well: Sweden, Norway, Portugal and Namibia.

What fact about me did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

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