24 hours in Luxembourg: a sample itinerary for a quiet getaway city trip

Recently, my girlfriend and I had the idea to do a relaxing weekend away from home. Nowhere too far. Nowhere too crowded. And nowhere too crazy. So we came up with the idea to visit Luxembourg.

Melia Hotel Luxembourg

The most important aspect of our trip was the hotel. We had planned to spend a lot of time there. So it had to be a quality room, relaxing extra’s, and a great breakfast.

The reason we wanted for it to be good, was the relaxation aspect. We didn’t want to go through all the museums the city has to offer, or Go hiking from early to late. We just wanted to lay in bed, sleep-in, and relax in the sauna and hammam.

The Melia Hotel in Luxembourg was the perfect place for this.

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Things to do in Luxemburg

There are a lot of things to do in Luxembourg though. Apart from relaxing, it is easy to fill your day with activities, places to go, and sights to see. Luxembourg is a small city, but it’s full of possibilities!

  • Casemates du Bock: An old ruin and beautiful vantage point. A tourist hotspot you must see!
  • Neumünster Abbey: A beautiful, and big, Abbey with a nice garden next to it.
  • Walk around Grund: It’s part of the valley below, it has cozy streets and delicious places to eat at.
  • Walk around Vallé de la Pertrusse: Another part of the valley, this part is rich in nature. A nice place for a stroll.
  • Pfaffenthal Lift: A big elevator giving you a beautiful look over the city.
  • Fort Obergrünewald: An abandoned fort with loads of old walls and tunnels to go through.
  • Go shopping in the city center: There are a lot of shops in the city center. Ideal for a bit of (window) shopping.
  • Walk over the Adolphe Bridge: A large bridge going over the valleys.
  • Villa Vauban: a museum about the art of the city Of Luxemburg

Where to eat in Luxemburg

No city trip is complete without some (really) good food and drinks. In Luxembourg, you are situated between Belgium, Germany, and France. All very good food countries. And it blends in this quaint city.

  • Scott’s Pub: An Irish Pub in the Grund valley. For when you don’t know what to eat yet.
  • La Boucherie: On the cities main square. The Butcher (translated), so it’s an easy meaty menu
  • At the Soup – Soup Bar: Need energy and warmth? Well, a good bowl of soup will help you out!
  • Grand Café by Redbeef: For the more gourmet-type meat-eater.
  • Kamakura: Looking for sushi and Japanese food? Look no further!
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What are your experiences with this European city? Let me know in the comments below!

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