May 2019 in overview (Photos, my firsts, and more)

May is over. Already. It was a month with not that many trips or travels, but a lot of work and fun activities.

May 2019 in a nutshell:

  1. One of my friends got married
  2. I changed hosting for my blog
  3. A march against sexual violence in Antwerp
  4. Did a photoshoot at a golf-course
  5. Did a lot of other shoots
  6. Fons celebrated his birthday

My photos of May 2019

  • Attended a wedding with these cuties
  • Did some macro photography
  • Conquered vertigo
  • Enjoyed some time in Ghent
  • Had the chance to shoot at a golf initiation
  • Enjoyed nature a lot
  • One of the beautiful locations I had the chance to shoot at
  • Seminar I worked at
  • One of the locations I gave smartphone workshops this month
  • More Macro photography this month
  • Photographed at a farm
  • The beautiful Krook in Ghent

Adventures summary:

  • Where I’ve been: Antwerp and Ghent. I didn’t do any trips this month.
  • Firsts this month: Marching for a cause. In Antwerp, there was the murder of a girl after a failed rape attempt. There was some failure on the side of the justice department too. So I, with 15.000 others got on the street and silently marched against this injustice.

What to look out for in June 2019

Interesting content in May 2019

My 5 must-read articles

My 5 favorite blogs by other bloggers this month

  1. 81 Interesting Facts About Canada by theplanetD
  2. The Okavango Delta through my lens by Freetworoam
  3. 8 ways to create epic Instagram photos while traveling 2019 by campsbaygirl
  4. This diagram shows the ultimate solution to the horizontal vs. vertical shooting debate
  5. How To Improve Your Compositions by Adding Depth

My 5 favorite video’s on YouTube this month

  1. Shy? Try These 3 EASY Tricks For Taking Pictures of Strangers in the Streets by Pierre T. Lambert
  2. The ONE Lightroom feature I can’t stop using! By James Popsys
  3. How to Pose MALES who are NOT Models! By Julia Trotti
  4. How to Use Wide Angle Lenses – Photography Life
  5. MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: Confidence in Front Of The Camera (Self-Portrait)

What were you up to this month?

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