Walking with Alpaca’s through fields, forest and mushrooms

There are few things I find as relaxing as walking through nature. Naturally, I try to do this as often as possible. Some of the times I miss a companion though. Sometimes I convince a friend to join me, often I just dream of having a german shepherd with me, but never have I expected to leash an Alpaca and go into the woods.

And that’s exactly what I did. During my trip to the WandelWalhalla in the Flemish Ardennes, I had the chance to go the EcoSnooze.

EcoSnooze in Brakel

This is an alpaca farm in Belgium. Yes, you’re eyes are not misleading you: An alpaca-farm in BELGIUM! You can buy alpaca’s there, you can buy products made from their wool. Which apparently isn’t only super soft, it’s also good for people with allergies. Oh, it’s also biological.

They have plush toys, bed-covers, blankets, sweaters, …

At the farm, you can find more than just alpaca’s. They also grow mushrooms. Not the hallucinogenic ones. The eatable ones like shiitake and oyster mushrooms. They taste awesome by the way. On a fried toast with a bit apple juice.

Alpaca on a leash. I repeat…

After a short talk the owners take out the leashes and we put them on the alpaca. The animals are quite enthusiastic to go for a walk. We left the enclosure and went out in the woods.

All the animals you take on a walk are male, so sometimes they start challenging each other. Luckily you can just stop them from doing so by pulling the leash. Kind of like you would do with a dog.

The animals follow you, so there is not too much of dragging them by the leashes. Oh, and for those who are wondering: they usually don’t spit. That being said, there was one that did spit in someone’s face during our walk. The owners were as surprised as we were. It was funny to watch.

Through forest and fields

The walk goes all the way through the property of the farmer, which is beautiful. They have large pieces of forest where you can race your alpaca’s, there are fields with cows that look curiously to you, more than to the alpaca’s, and you go past the honey-hives.

The walk is relaxing and a fun thing to do for people of all ages. So make sure to go out, leash an alpaca and take a hike at least once in your life.

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