Smartphone photography is not a niche!


With smartphone cameras getting better each year, it’s not strange for some people to dedicate themselves to smartphone photography. But is it actually a photography niche?

These days getting your photography out there is pretty easy. Facebook, Instagram, and a lot of other platforms allow you to showcase your work. That democratization of art and expression is amazing to me. And I love it.

There is one thing that we all outgrew though. Calling smartphone photography a niche. At the start it was nothing but that. A couple of people did it, and that was that.

But these days, it isn’t a niche, but a technique.

Going underground in Grotten van Han for some low light smartphone photography

Making a photo is the goal. Not making it with your smartphone. Just like its not a goal to make it with your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Other than maybe to test or review the device you use.

Now, there is nothing wrong with saying you are a smartphone photographer or do smartphone photography. I even write about tips for doing better smartphone photography. But in general, that’s actually not 100% correct.

When I make photos of insects, I don’t claim I’m a DSLR photographer. I am a macro photographer. Even if I use a DSLR for making the photos.

Photographing a velvet ant with my smartphone

Oh, by the way, I have a guide that helps you decide if you have to take the photo with a DSLR or with a smartphone.

So when I am traveling and make a photo with my smartphone. I am not a smartphone photographer. I am a travel photographer.

Macro, travel, fashion, … those are actual photography niches. The way you do them is not. It’s just the device you use to create your photos.

I’ve met people who make amazing architecture photos with just a smartphone. Calling them a smartphone photographer sounds weird to me. As they are architecture photographers.

Anyway, I feel like I’m kind of beating a dead horse repeating my point.

What’s your opinion about this topic? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Smartphone photography is not a niche!”

  1. My opinion is that a ‘photographer’ is a photographer whatever he uses to take a picture. The difference being on the image quality when it comes to size of prints produced with regard to pixelation & flexibility of picture taking with either format. It used to be the difference between ‘chalk & cheese’, but nowadays it’s more like a Rolls Royce compared to a Mercedes if you get my drift? Personally, if I take a picture with my mobile it is either because I have not a camera at hand, a quick snap, or just convenient at the time. I would never use one knowing that I required a quality image that I could work on to sell, or enlarge to any degree that would meet my expectations. I find them useful for getting into awkward spaces that you can not get into with a DSLR and acceptable to send to other people by social media, or just want a quick view of something to show a buyer what you are selling, or a supplier who needs information on your requirements. It is not a niche market, but a very useful tool in a photographers toolbox.

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