Photo Overview of 24 hours in Mons, Belgium

Mons is a Belgian city that is less known to the big public. Which makes it the perfect destination for a peaceful city trip. Discover the photo overview of Mons!

The Mons photo overview

Belfry of Mons: the highest point of the city

From this beautiful tower, you can take a look at the city. Every 15 minutes the bells play a nice tune for you too. So climb all the way up there!

Mundaneum: Google avant la lettre

A museum about the first ever complete way to archive all the information in the world. It’s a bit like what Google is doing now, only on paper and 100 years earlier. Although it’s a dark place, it couldn’t miss from this Mons photo overview!

Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church

This beautiful church was built at the start of the city of Mons. Inside there are a lot of artifacts.

Maison Losseau: A house of art

A walk through this old house will give you an idea about the rich and famous from back in the day. The house itself is a piece of art!

Street Art: Explore the city artwork by artwork

Walk around the city and explore the different pieces of art. There are many different works and styles to witness. Let me know if you’ve seen them all!

Food: Mons is a gourmet city!

Sorry, but not sorry. Food for me is an essential part of travelling. In Mons my tastebuds were treated very well. Omnomnom!

Disclaimer: This article is the result of a press trip by Toerisme Wallonië

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