7 tips to make amazing photos on all your future travels

Everyone likes to take photos to impress their friends on Facebook and Instagram. A photo of you sitting on an white beach in Indonesia or in a hot geyser in Iceland. With these tips you can make the exact same photos as you did before, just better.

1. Look the other way

The canals of Amsterdam

Naturally you have to make a photo of the Eiffel tower in Paris and the Burj Arab in Dubai. But also look around. Maybe one of the tourists is photogenic and including him/her makes your photo even better. Or there is a beautiful building right behind you, to which no one is paying attention. Except for you.

2. Go back at night

Mont-Saint-Michel right after sunset

Places like the Colosseum in Rome and the Atomium in Brussels are beautifully lit at night. Most tourists go to bed early or hit the bar. That’s the best time for you to go out again and explore the nocturnal look of the city. Crank up your ISO or bring a tripod and start shooting.

3. Go in the early morning

Alkmaar in the Netherlands

Same for going late, but then in the morning. In the summer the sun is up before you are. And with you, the 10000 other tourists. Going early in the morning makes sure you have plenty of light, which is even better than the harsh noon-light. And since no one is so stupid to wake up early, you might be completely alone.

4. Don’t go where everyone is going

The railways in Prague

This is pretty straight forward. If you go somewhere different, no one else will have made photos yet. Explore in and around the cities, or go deeper in the forrest than you did before. Unique locations make for unique photos.

5. Take some distance of your subject

The Vatican from far

Go further away from your subject. Everyone took that photo of the Vatican from the square. Go away, find a hill with a nice lookout over the city, and shoot from there. It will put things in a perspective that has not been done before.

6. Leave your camera in the bag for a day

Landscape with a Huawei P10

Go out and explore without photographing. This might seem counterintuitive, but it will help you relax a bit. If you plan on visiting museums, it’s not necessary to bring all that gear. Just use your smartphone. But don’t make a selfie with precious art. 😉

7. Go very high, or very low

Looking up at the Middelheim Museum

After photographing your subject like you usually would, take one more photo higher and lower. Go through your knees, or even lay on the ground. And then hold the camera above your head, or go and stand on a bench. Taking a photo from a perspective different than the height of your eyes, will make the photo look better instantly.

Did you use one of my tips on your trip? Let me know in the comments! I would love to see your photos.


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  1. I do taking photos from a different perspective. Early in the morning or at the evening is difficult with a young child.

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