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Would you rather dilemmas are a great way to think about certain subjects and get to know someone. That’s why I decided to do one of these ‘Would You Rather’ articles once a month. This one is the second already. There is no specific theme, apart from traveling and photography. In this one, you will find out more about my need to talk to people, be comfortable, and drink beers.

Would you rather … be able to talk to…

Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?
Would you rather... talk to animals?
This one is tough. I think I will go for the foreign languages option. This means you can go everywhere, speak to everyone, and never have a problem of miscommunication. Imagine all the money and time you will save with this. No one can ever fool you or talk behind your back in a different language.

Speaking with animals would be cool, but I see fewer advantages. How often do you actually meet an animal? In the wild, it would be interesting to do so. It might save your life then. But in daily life, it wouldn’t. Imagine going to a far and talking to animals you know will be slaughtered. Or go to a zoo and talk to an animal that has lived its entire life in captivity. I can’t imagine becoming happy of those conversations.

This answer turned real, really fast.

Would you rather … upgrade your…

Would you rather upgrade your hotel room to a suite or your flight to first class
I’m going for the suite. I usually don’t spend money on an expensive room. For me a bunk bed in a hostel is plenty. If I get the option, I do like a fancy room once in a while. Upgrading your room seems like the most beneficial decision of the two. You spend more time in your room than on your flight.

It did fly first class, and it is nice. You get better food, have a little more legroom, and sometimes get extra Wi-Fi. It seems cool, but you can really do without this. Better food isn’t perfect yet. Legroom is only a temporary discomfort. The Wi-Fi is nice, but not even that good.

So a hotel suite would be ideal. You get so much more room. You’re able to walk around and organize your luggage better. Because with me it always becomes a mess as I unpack it partially. Extra room, means a more organized Fred.

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Would you rather … tour all…

Would you rather tour all of the vineyards, breweries, or distilleries in the world?
Would you rather tour breweries
Well, you might know the answer already. I’d go for all the breweries. I’m not big on wine. I do like a bit of whiskey, but only once in a while. As a Belgian, I’m huge on beers. Exploring how they are made, what they are made of, and how they taste is the second nature. I like the old abbeys for their artisanal way of making beer.

I also like the newer style breweries. Like the ones making beers with different and funky tastes. I already drank beers with tiramisu, lobster, and eucalyptus. None of them were good, but it’s still fun to try them.

What are your answers to these dilemmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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