Photo diary April 2024

April seemed to fly by. I didn’t know the month had started already. Anyway, it was a relatively quiet month.

It started with an Easter party with family on the first of April. We let the little ones collect their chocolate eggs, and then we (the adults) ate some of those eggs.

From time to time, I also have a trilogy marathon with friends. So we did that again this month. We meet up three nights in a row to watch a film. This time, it was the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. I had never seen any movies before, so seeing new films was excellent.

I then dove into Facebook again to see if it could benefit me. And who knows? Almost a month in, and I could keep posting and interacting there. So, I’ll give it more time to see if it sticks.

For a brief moment, the sun shone in Belgium. It was glorious. However, those short moments were cut short by the following thunder and lightning, which brought Belgium back into rain and cold despair.

But for a moment, I could photograph some thunderstrikes from my bed. Though not as unique as the lightning I saw in Makgadikgadi, photographing it was still fun.

Apart from all that, I had a blast photographing in my hometown, Antwerp. I did a lot of street photography again. 

Some firsts and exciting media of March 2024

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