8 things to do in Gothenburg

Recently I went on a road trip around Sweden’s lake Vänern. On that trip, I spend a day in Göteborg / Gothenburg. In Göteborg there are plenty of things to do and see. I only spend a day there, so this list is not complete at all. These are the ones I did.

1. Eat a burger and enjoy the best beer collection at 2112

2112 is a cozy little rock café in the city center of Göteborg. There is plenty of room to sit, but I chose to sit at the bar. You can order great hamburgers there. I had the bacon & cheese as that is my favorite kind of burger. On top of that, they have a large beer collection. Ranging from their local microbreweries to Belgian beers like Duvel. I tried the Brutal Bulldog Double IPA and If You Want IPA (You’ve Got It). Both IPA’s I can recommend.

Drink some new beers at 2112.

2. Enjoy a view over the city at Masthuggetskyrkan

Looking over the city to see all the things you’ve seen in one image. That’s what you get at the Masthuggetskyrkan. It’s a large church on top of a hill. The hill provides a view over the city center and the harbor. I’ve been there during the day, but I can imagine it being even better during sunrise (over the city) or sunset (over the harbor).

Discover the view at Masthuggetskurkan.

3. Watch wildlife in Älghägnet

In the park, you can find several things to do. There is a children’s farm, beautiful paths to walk on, and a free little zoo. You won’t find lions or elephants there. Only the local wildlife like deer, elk, sheep, goats, and caribou. It might not be too easy to always spot the animals right away since they have large habitats. Especially for children, this will be a fun experience to have a better look at the animals.

See wildlife at Älghänet.

4. Walk around at Slottskogen

The rest of the park is beautiful as well. You can see different kinds of birds fly. Walk under the beautiful (and sometimes ancient) trees. There is room to lay in the sun for some vitamin D. It’s a very big park, especially if you consider it’s near the city center.

Make a relaxing walk at Slottskogen.

5. Learn about plants in the Botaniska Trädgården

This is the only paying activity on this list. And even the 20kr they ask you are actually voluntarily. There is a possibility to deposit the coins at the entrance of the park. They use it to maintain the nature reserve you are walking through. It’s a huge botanical garden. They have several sections like rock gardens, European gardens, Japanese gardens, greenhouses, … the list goes on. I suggest going to the rock garden, climbing one of the steep paths and enjoying yet another view over the city.

Smell wildflowers at the Botaniska Trädgården.

6. Watch the (military) ships in the harbor

The city of Göteborg is located near a river. This means that going to the riverside will result in seeing loads of ships. Some of them are there for preservation reasons, others are there for a couple of days before the captain takes off again. You can see some old military ships, old sailboats, sea ships, …. It is not possible to enter most of the ships, unfortunately.

Watch the impressive old military armada.

7. Stroll around Haga

It’s kind of the hipster part of town. Here you can find shops and restaurants. It’s a cozy-looking neighborhood to walk around. So definitely a must if you don’t know what to do for an hour.

Drink at an old bar in Haga.

8. Kungsparken

This park south of the city center runs along one of the side-rivers and has many bridges to the city center. Here you can find a bit of peace and quiet. During the morning hours, the light falls beautifully on the buildings around the park, so it’s the perfect place for your morning walk or jog.

Enjoy a morning walk or jog at Kungsparken.