5 places to upload your headshots

Having your headshot made is the first step in getting a professional brand going, and the next step is uploading your headshot to the right places. But what are those places?

There are several places you should be uploading your portrait too. I will talk about the most important ones in this article, but it’s not limited to this list.

The Cloud

The first place is the cloud—honestly, any form of it. Dropbox, Google Drive, … you name it. This way you always have a copy with you. Wherever you might go, it’s also easy to send the photo to people asking for it.

If you have a speaking gig and they need the photo for the promotion, you can send a link to your image, and done!

Social media

Your social media is probably a big branding platform for you. Showcasing your work and knowledge in tweets, Instastories, or LinkedIn thought pieces. You need a good profile photo on your profile, and this is visually more pleasing and can help you showcase more authority.


Your personalized communication can get even more personal. Upload your headshot to your profile and put it next to your name and contact information in your footer. This way, new contacts can put a face on your emails.

Your ‘about me’ page

Every website needs an ‘about me‘ page. Whatever you name it, there is a need for a good page describing your person and company. And with a good description also comes a good photo. Showing yourself to your future clients.

Guest posts and speaker pages

Going out of your bubble to build a network and leads is a fantastic idea. And as with all other aspects of your marketing, good personalization can go a long way. Your future client and contact can see who you are, making it easier for them to humanize you and make a connection.

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