My favorite photography books

As a photographer and overall photography fan, I regularly buy books. I don’t really like reading that much, so 90% of them are photo-books. I don’t have a huge collection (like my dad has), but I do have enough books to make select a couple of favorites.

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1. 500 hidden secrets of Antwerp – Derek Blyth

This is not necessarily a photobook, but it helps me select places in Antwerp I want to explore. These books are actually a series. I also have the one about Madrid. They are very handy because they highlight the local specialties too. They make lists of beautiful vistas, must-see monuments, and photogenic little alleys.

Interested in discovering Antwerp too? Buy this book on Amazon.

2. Soviet bus stops – Christopher Herwig

A really weird book, I know. It’s just photos of different bus stops built in the former Soviet Union. What’s so interesting about this book, is all the different ways they decorated these bus stops. For a long period of time, these buildings were the only artforms allowed. So that’s why they are so creative. A funny little book to scroll through if I ever feel limited in resources.

Discover the Soviet Union bus stops too. Buy Volume I and/or Volume II on Amazon.

3. Heartland – Thomas Hoepker

A book about the discovery of America. Not by Colombus, obviously. Through the eyes of Hoepker, we travel through the United States of 1963. The goal of the trip was to show the States to the German people. How the people lived over there. What their cities looked like. Where the people went to enjoy themselves. All that jazz.

It’s fun to see how a photographer my age went about photographing his trips 50 years earlier. Oh, and analog!

Buy his book and travel through the United States with Thomas.

4. Chasing light – Stefan Forster

Landscapes, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With landscape photography, it’s not only about finding the right landscape and location. It’s also about waiting for the perfect light to hit all the elements just right.

This book is an ode to that moment. Beautiful landscapes from all over the world, with some of the best circumstances to photograph them. A joy to watch.

Enjoy the beauty of the world by buying Stefan’s book.

5. Charleroi – Stefan Vanfleteren

I wrote it earlier, but I’m saying it again: I am too much of a chicken to do street photography. That being said, I do enjoy watching it. This book is about Belgian photographer Stefan Vanfleteren’s stay in the city of Charleroi. He photographs the suburbs, the people living in on the streets around the city, and the industrial environment.

I wasn’t able to find this book online anymore, but I bet you can find it in bookstores too.

Do you have books you love to look at over and over again?

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