A city and ski trip combination in Edmonton Canada

A city and ski trip combination in Edmonton Canada

Canada is a place of a lot of adventures. Imagine mountains, wild animals, and desolate landscapes. The perfect place for a 9-day trip. Let’s go city tripping and skiing, all at once!

So why is this 9-day city and ski trip by Connections so great?

Well, first‌ ‌of‌ ‌all, you can combine skiing and visiting a city in one go. In Edmonton, you can enjoy hip city life, while in Jasper National park you will be right in the middle of it all. Enjoying nature and skiing in a unique combo. Second, both places allow you to have unique experiences. I will talk about those later in this article. But first…

Getting to Edmonton from the Benelux

Let’s start with getting there. Departing from Belgium or the Netherlands, it’s really easy to get there. With KLM there is a direct flight from Amsterdam to Edmonton. If needed they even offer you a Thalys train ticket to get to the airport.

Good to know: When booking with sneeuwzekerdeals.be your ski pass, local transport, and accommodation are all included. On top of that, checking in your ski’s or snowboard on the airplane is free!

Get more information about the unique ski and city trip in Canada.

Upon arrival in Edmonton, the kind people of Connections arrange a rental car for you. So you have all the freedom you need on your trip!

City trip to Edmonton Canada

Edmonton might not be the most famous city in Canada, but it is the capital of the province of Alberta. It’s also known as the festival city of Canada. The ExploreEdmonton website even claims “We have a festival for that”.

The city is also home to the largest mall in North America. While you are in Canada, you might as well check a hockey game. The local team is called the Edmonton Oilers.

If you can’t wait to go out in nature already, there is plenty to see around the city. For example Elk Island, where you have a high chance of seeing… exactly, bison! Of course, there are plenty of other animals too!

More to see and do in Edmonton

  • Visit the Old Strathcona neighborhood
  • Go snowshoe walking in River Valley
  • Do a snowy segway tour
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • Art Gallery of Alberta

Ski trip in Jasper National Park

I honestly don’t feel like Jasper National Park needs a lot of introduction. For those that are not yet familiar with the huge national park:

The National Park is the largest one in the Rocky Mountains. It’s home to icy glaciers, blue lakes, big forests, and thundering waterfalls. For that reason, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also the second-largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world. Which means…

Stargazing and watching the northern lights

Photos provided by sneeuwzekerdeals

After an intense day of skiing, and maybe some apres-skiing, it’s a nice idea to go outside again. There aren’t a lot of places in the world where you can see the starry night sky, let alone the northern lights. An activity that is the cherry on the cake.

The best time to see the aurora borealis in Jasper national park is from September to May.  For the fans, there is a Jasper Dark Sky Festival in mid-October

Wildlife spotting

Another activity you can do that’s not as common near other ski-slopes is watching animals. Jasper National Park is home to many animals. Bears, cougars, wolfs, wolverines, moose, caribou, and beavers. So get your camera ready!

A couple of wildlife tips

  • Stay in your car
  • Keep your distance to the animals
  • Quietly enjoy the animals 
  • Have your camera ready at all times!

Okay, so let’s talk skiing!

On the trip, you will be skiing on the slopes of Marmot Basin. A park that is part of Jasper National Park. Skiing at this destination is pretty much guaranteed. The season lasts 6 months every year, from November until May, and each year there falls 5 meters of powder snow.

You can find 91 pistes in Marmot Basin. The longest one is beautiful 5,6 kilometers long. The difficulties of these pistes are equally distributed from beginner to expert.

As mentioned, the slopes are filled with the Rockies’ famous powder snow. This is the ideal snow to ski on. Because there isn’t much rain in the mountains, the snow stays powdery and dry. Meaning that is doesn’t become heavy and wet, and stays in great shape for days on end.

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Disclaimer: This content is written by me, the blogger, but was commissioned by sneeuwzekerdeals.be. This means I get paid for writing and publishing this article. 

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