Book review: High Performance by Jake Humphrey and Prof Damian Hughes

A short while back, I had a train ride on my schedule and was out of books to read. On the way to the train station, I passed the bookstore and quickly looked around. I grabbed this book, High Performance, paid, and hopped on my train.

I didn’t have any high expectations of the book while grabbing it. But I like to read. So I knew I’d enjoy it anyway.

In general, I am skeptical of this kind of book. They claim to teach you habits or insights into the world of successful people. But often, they miss mentioning those people already are on a different level. 

This book is actually practical, though.

There are some excellent insights into high-performing athletes’ and businesspeople’s mindsets. Though it’s mainly athletes, I find.

Some started from nothing and got to the top (or close to it) with a mindset. Some of the insights are mind-blowingly simple. But you have to think of them and, even harder, remember them.

The book mentions some small exercises to do yourself too, and I recommend doing them. They seem odd sometimes, but they help. Especially writing the Zander letter was one that I enjoyed.

It didn’t take long for me to get through this book. Not because it’s too short or anything; I really enjoyed reading it. I was often looking forward to the part of the day to learn more about these people and how they got so successful.

Some of my favorite takeaways from the book:

“Respond to the problem at hand (not in your head)

You probably have what’s required already within you.

Create non-negotiable habits (like getting everywhere on time)

Ask for help

Have you read the book? Share your favorite insights in the comments below!

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