You might’ve missed this Instagram stories update

Instagram recently launched a small update in their story feature. It’s nothing too big, but it is a useful feature. Or at least, for photographers that want quick feedback on their photos… even the horizontal ones.

Instagram stories now allow you to show your horizontal in full. It will add layers on the top and the bottom to do so.

How to use the new Instagram-stories feature?

Go to your Instagram stories and slide up to open your native library. There you pick a photo. Make sure the photo is made in a horizontal orientation. It won’t work with a vertical one.

After opening the photo, you can pinch it. Just as you would do to zoom out on a photo in your photo library. This will make the photo fit in frame entirely. The background (or top and bottom bar), it made up of a blurred version of the photo. Giving a nice frame with the same look as your photo.

If you want you can now add text, hashtags or location-tags.

Why use the new Instagram-stories feature?

It’s a fun new feature, but why would or should you use it? Well, there are a couple of reasons I can think of, right off the bat.
Showcase your photo in its entirety. This one is especially handy if you take photos in an artistic way.
Get feedback for the entire photo, without compromising it. This means adding a poll in the negative space instead of over the photo.
Give information about the photo, again, without compromising it. A bit of text above or below it.
Hashtags and location-tags that don’t cover up your photo.
Film your subject in a horizontal manner, now you can use that video in its entirety for Instagram stories too. You don’t have to make a horizontal version for YouTube and a vertical version for IG-stories anymore.