The world in my office with Worldmap

I really love traveling. Every aspect of it. Discovering different places, meeting different people and making friends, and trying new experiences. But what about the time I spend at home?

Well, I recently had the chance to work together with A company that creates different types of worldmaps to hang in your home. They have a wide range of themes, so you will definitely find one that fits your style.

Personally, I prefer a more realistic and old type of style. So the Old Fabric Canvas was my choice from the webshop.

Am I doing this posing with the sponsored product right?

Before the poster I had patches of acoustic treatment hanging on the wall. From the time I did more music work. Something I would like to get back into more, but alas, time is short.

While writing this I can’t help but look up once in a while to the world map canvas and think about my next trip.

Funny thing though, I am leaving on an trip tomorrow. So I look at the map trying to figure out where I might be going. Any guesses?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about this nice wall art thing. Something that might help you out a bit with the wanderlust when time or money is too short for traveling at that time.

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