What’s in my smartphone-photography bag?

As you might know by now, I often let my trusted Nikon at home and go out with only my smartphone. It’s a completely different way of photographing and thinking about your shots. So as a photographer it keeps me flexibel and on the move.

My Huawei P10 smartphone, duh

No smartphone-photography without a smartphone. I chose the Huawei P10. Why? Well I have a full review on my blog already. But in short: it has quality lenses and processing, it can shoot in RAW, my god: it can shoot in RAW!, and it has loads of manual controls. And I love to shoot manual.

I’m not adding this as an object on it’s own, but I also have a smartphone-case. As a photographer you might go to places that can get rough on you and your phone.

Read my review for the Huawei P10.

A small tripod

I bought this for cheap in a dollar-store. I already had to replace it after a couple of months. It turns out you can’t just throw this to your friend when they need it for a second.

I use this for long exposure photos at night or for landscapes. It also helps with self-portraits. It’s that thing we did before taking selfies.

A set of filters and lenses

This one for me is a must, but I think it might be optional for others. I have a set of two wide-angle lenses, 7 gradual colour-filters, one ND-filter, and two others I barely use. The ND-filter is useful if you want to use a longer exposure time, but there is too much light. The gradual colour filters are just a fun effect.

A powerbank

Smartphones are great, but they have such a limited battery-life. If you last up to a day with regular use, you will barely make it to lunch while shooting. So make sure to bring a proper powerbank. I bought mine on bol.com, a Benelux shop for almost everything. I’ve chosen one that can recharge my phone a couple of times. This way I’m sure it will last, even when I go camping for a few days.

My business-cards

You never know who you are going to meet. Also, if you photograph someone, it’s easier than to give them a card and let them contact you. Writing down everyone you shot and what photo they are on is too much hassle at the moment of shooting. I prefer to deal with it later. So I just hand them a card.

What accessories do you use with your smartphone? Let me know in the comments!

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