What I would change on Instagram – A simple wishlist

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram. You’re perfect the way you are. You do you. All that jazz. Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a couple of things to change. Or undo some things. I think most of you will agree on a couple of these points.

The algorithm should change on Instagram

I think this is a bit of a classic one. No one likes the algorithm. Apart from the accounts that are pretty big already. The algorithm kind of favors them. Loads of engagement cause more engagement now. Which is hard for an account that’s just starting out. It’s not impossible to cut through this, but it has become harder.

Bring back the chronological timeline

This works together with the algorithm of course, but I look at it as a different request. Right now, all I see is the content that Instagram thinks I like to see. This includes:

  • 5 posts by that one person I just started following.
  • 6 posts by accounts with massive followings that don’t post original content.
  • One post by a friend that I haven’t engaged with since the early days of Instagram.
  • 3 sponsored posts that are actually good content, but don’t stand a chance without a budget.

I still like these photos, but I find myself just looking at hashtags and locations. My feed is almost dead to me. Which is sad, because I spent so much time curating all the accounts I follow.

You can make me that one new user in your feed to. Follow me on Instagram!

Let me link, please!

As a blogger, I feel like I miss so many visitors to my website. I get some because I do the entire “link in my bio” thing. So I can’t really complain. I do think there is more potential. A working url in the photo-caption, for example, would do so much. I can’t be the only one that wants this, right?

It is possible to put a link in your stories when you are verified or reach 10.000 followers. Which is a tough cookie?

Bring back uniqueness

Enough of the technical wishlist. It’s time to talk about the people on Instagram and their content. I don’t really see how Instagram should tackle this problem. Or even if it’s their job to do so.

When browsing on Instagram, I can’t help but notice how we lost our uniqueness in the race to likes and appreciation. And I see this in every genre. Fashion bloggers wear similar outfits because they work. Lifestylers use the same poses. The landscape photographers all visit the same locations.

Don’t get me wrong: I like to see those landscape photos. I just feel some locations are getting too saturated with photographs. Kirkjufell in Iceland is one of those iconic shots. Not only is it unoriginal, but it’s also bad for the location. Maybe not a thing to change on Instagram, but in people’s mindset.

Want to learn how to make your photos a bit more unique by editing them?

Read my guide to editing your photos on Instagram.

Free the nipple

Instagram actively bans photos that show a nipple. That’s why it’s common for Instagrammers to cover them up with a little dot or line. A lot of professionals have found cool ways to do this self-censorship. I sometimes even enjoy how they did it, as it can be surprising and creative.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of photos where the censorship ruins the image. Good images ruined by a little line. And I don’t get it, why have we become so sensitive?

Free the animals

One of those things a lot of ‘Instagrammers’ like to do is pose with animals. Lions, tigers, and cheetah. Sure the animal looks happy or okay with it, but they rarely ever are. They usually are little ones that are discarded as soon as they show violence or drugged to keep calm. Either way, it’s animal abuse. I would love to see Instagram act against this, maybe by banning those photos?

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Swipe through the collection if you dare!⠀ .⠀ One of the rarest animals in Africa is the wild dog. Only a thousand still live in the wild. Seeing them is quite unique, watching them hunt even more.⠀ .⠀ When we first arrived at the open plain between some bushes, the pack laid there to rest. A group of twenty animals. We got really close to them.⠀ .⠀ Our guide was impressed himself by the pack and took photos too. Only one of the two times that I saw him taking pictures.⠀ .⠀ Suddenly there was a commotion in the pack. Behind our car, apparently, a baby impala had jumped out of the bush. Straight in the pack of wild dogs. Even before the creature knew it had made a mistake it was torn apart by some of the dogs.⠀ .⠀ This wild dog was fortunate to get the best piece and proudly came alongside our 4×4. I had a great view of it.⠀ .⠀ I was not really hungry afterward. Whether it was of nausea or enthusiasm, I will never know⠀ .⠀ Click the link in my bio to discover why you should do photography too!⠀ .⠀ Made with a #NikonD850 and #Adobelightroom⠀ -⠀ #AfricanWildDog #Africanwildlife #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildlife_vision #wildlife_shots #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeconservation #wildlifeplanet #igtravel #nikon_photography #keepexploring #travelislife #travellingtheworld #teamnikon #adventureanywhere #exploringtheworld #adventurephotography #outsideculture

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Hashtag counting

We all know by now that there is a limit to the number of hashtags you can use in one post. For those that are still unaware, it’s 30 hashtags. So why not make it easy for the users and put a counter in there. Just so we can keep track when posting.

Image protection

It would be nice to know that my photos are safe on Instagram. Now, whenever I post, it is possible for other accounts to steal my photo and post it as their own. A feature like Google Image search that keeps track of photos would be ideal.

This way Instagram can proactively ask creators if other accounts that are trying to post their work, are allowed to do so. Everyone is happy!

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For me, #Belgium has always been a country where everything gets mixed up. Cultures, architectural styles, opinions, food, … Nothing is one-sided. Everything clashes into a nice melting pot.⠀ .⠀ An example of this is the Port Authority building in Antwerp. Zaha Hadid added a large and modern looking diamond on top of the old building. Something I love and represents the typical Belgian style. ⠀ .⠀ Click the link in my bio to discover my self learn guide for photography.⠀ .⠀ Made with a #HuaweiMate20Pro and #Adobelightroom⠀ -⠀ #architecture #citybestpics #antwerp #instadroid #traveleurope #architectures #instatraveler #instaphone #adventureanywhere #architecturephoto #androidographer #architecture_view #amazingarchitecture #phonepic #visitbelgium #huaweimobile #architecture_lovers #mobilephonephotography

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Separate notification columns

Whenever you get a mention it is buried beneath the other notifications of likes, comments and follows. An annoying fact, because you really want to see those mentions on other people posts. With separate columns, you would never miss a mention!

What are the things you would change on Instagram? Or is there something still missing that you really want? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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