What I would change on Instagram – A simple wishlist

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram. You’re perfect the way you are. You do you. All that jazz. Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a couple of things to change. Or undo some things. I think most of you will agree on a couple of these points.

The algorithm should change on Instagram

I think this is a bit of a classic one. No one likes the algorithm. Apart from the accounts that are pretty big already. The algorithm kind of favors them. Loads of engagement cause more engagement now. Which is hard for an account that’s just starting out. It’s not impossible to cut through this, but it has become harder.

Bring back the chronological timeline

This works together with the algorithm of course, but I look at it as a different request. Right now, all I see is the content that Instagram thinks I like to see. This includes:

  • 5 posts by that one person I just started following.
  • 6 posts by accounts with massive followings that don’t post original content.
  • One post by a friend that I haven’t engaged with since the early days of Instagram.
  • 3 sponsored posts that are actually good content, but don’t stand a chance without a budget.

I still like these photos, but I find myself just looking at hashtags and locations. My feed is almost dead to me. Which is sad, because I spent so much time curating all the accounts I follow.

You can make me that one new user in your feed to. Follow me on Instagram!

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