Walking on the roof of Antwerp’s Central Station

If you’re born in Antwerp, or a regular visitor, you will definitely know Antwerpen Centraal station. The main train station of the city. But even for a local, the roof is off limits. Or is it…

About Antwerpen Centraal station

Build at the beginning of the 20th century by King Leopold II, the station contains 20 types of marble and stone. There is an antique clock for the travellers walking under the huge iron and glass arching ceiling. From here you can take a train to the rest of Belgium, Amsterdam and Paris. It’s one of the monuments to see in Antwerp.

About the photos

We arrived a little after 7pm, just in time to see the interior of the building before we had to go outside and spot the sunset. It was cloudy that day, so not ideal to photograph. But I still think me and my D7000 made the best of it.

The photos

Two of my fellow tourists

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