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I recently was researching some places to stay at in Arras. On Airbnb one place instantly caught my eye. I booked the night for a fair price and looked forward to staying a night in a Yurt.

I stayed at the Yourte à la ferme. Or The Yurt at the Farm. A nice and cozy stay in an authentic Mongolian Yurt.

Whats a Yurt?

So first things first, what is a Yurt?

Basically, it’s a circular tent made of skins and felt. It’s originally used by nomads in Central Asia.

There is a structure made of wood. Then a door and the exterior of skins are added. You end up with a tent that feels more like a house. Inside it’s warm, usually heated by a stove, there is a real bed and sometimes even running water.

Of course, Yurts in Europe are more modern and luxurious than the real ones in Asia. This has to do with the ones in Europe being more permanent. Most aren’t used by nomads anymore. In Asia, it’s still a big part of the nomadic lifestyle.

Why stay in a Yurt?

It’s a lot of fun! It’s completely different than a hotel room, without actually cutting into the luxury too much.

Often it’s a better alternative for people that want to have a camping experience, but don’t like the (dis)comfort of a tent.

Sleeping in a yurt lets you sleep in comfort, but also allows you to go close to nature. The ideal combination for those looking for comfort in their adventurous travels.

Where to stay in a Yurt?

These days, you can find yurts in all parts of the world. In Central-Asia you will find a lot of places where you can get to sleep in one. Especially in Mongolia. On Airbnb, you can find loads of places with Yurts. they even have a special filter for it!

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Yurts in Belgium:

Yurts in France:

Yurts in The Netherlands:

Yurts in Germany:

Yurts in the UK:

Have you ever stayed in a Yurt? Tell me about your experience!

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