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Hi there, so you saw the link in my Twitter-bio and clicked? Thank you for that!

Welcome to my blog! Let me explain to you who I am and what I do.

Who I am

I’m Frédéric, Fred or Fredje (which means as much as Little Fred in Dutch). I am a guy born in 1992 from Antwerp. I do photography, make music and DJ, and I write silly things on social media. Such as Twitter, where your visited this page from!


On this website you can expect blogs about:

  • Urbex photography trips
  • My travels abroad and in Belgium
  • The music I make
  • And the music I like
  • Some personal opinions and updates from time to time
  • And much more!

You can see the full overview of my blogposts on the homepage.

Frederic Paulussen on social media

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