Treck Hostel: Indoor camping in the city of Ghent

Every year Ghent hosts a 10 day festival called the Gentse Feesten. Ten days of party and drinking in the inner city. You will find a lot of articles about the traditions and must visit places during the festival. So I want to talk about the hostel I stayed at.
Yes, you can read this blogpost as a review, but I feel it’s more an introduction to an awesome place.

Ghent, the party city of Belgium

Partying in another city always comes with a few difficulties. How are we getting home? Are we even going home? Last or first train? Who will be the designated driver?

So in order to skip all these questions, a friend of mine decided we should book a place to stay. Kind of last minute I decided to check out what places still were available and without even thinking I booked the last hostel beds in Ghent. As I checked later, I was happy with the rash decision.

Indoor caravan parc

Upon arrival at the Treck hostel I was surprised. It was a nice old looking place just outside of the city centre. A quiet neighbourhood at walking distance of the festivities. In the large space you find 8 caravans, all with their own theme: Zen, Graffiti, Hawaii, Retro, Jungle, Beach, Mini and Betty.

More options

As I booked the Retro and Graffiti caravan, we also booked the Birdsnest, a room overlooking the hall with caravans. Is has a bed designed by artist Mick Vervoort. A comfortable and romantic room. So we decided to dump the couple of the group there.

You can also bring your own tent and set it up on a platform overlooking the caravans. The perfect solution if you are backpacking through Belgium but are sick of the rain. For the regular trekkers there is a dorm with personal lockers.

All options include linnen (except for the tents), breakfast and WiFi.

I can highly suggest this place for a unique experience, instead of the regular hostel or hotelroom. At your check-in you get a walk through the building with the owner. He explains you more about the place and history of the old stone-bakery the dorm is situated in.

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