Awesome Travel vloggers to follow on YouTube

There is so much to talk about, learn, and discover about travel. It’s more than just the destinations, but also the people, and the travel techniques. To make sure you get every piece of information you might need, I am sharing these travel vloggers to help you on your journeys.

Hey Nadine

Nadine is a travel vlogger who uploads weekly. She focusses on vlogs of her travels, videos with tips and tricks, and travel-hacks.

The destinations she visits are all over the world. Scotland, Korea, Japan,… Everyone finds something they will like!

Lost LeBlanc

He could not be missing on this list. He travels around the world, makes handy video guides and just sit-down to talk to the camera. His videos usually have super nice visuals too!

Kraig Adams

With Kraig, it’s all about hiking, filmmaking and living a minimalist lifestyle. Bringing you on hikes in various parts of the world and explaining the lifestyle concepts along the way.

Tim Tense

A fellow Belgian, Tim takes you along on his adventures exploring various places all over the world. So get ready to view the world from the ground, and the air. 😉

Greg Snell

A Canadian traveling around the world, one of many in this list. His channel is all about travel, photography, and adventures!

Jodie Dewberry

Jodie is a digital nomad and travel vlogger. She travels all over the world and talks about living in those places and how to survive as a digital nomad.


Not necessarily an account about traveling, but they do daily live-streams and highlight videos of safaris. So if you ever visited a country in Africa and did a safari, this one will bring so many memories.

Especially the highlight videos are super cute and funny!

Brendan Van Son

Brendan is not only a travel vlogger but also a photography vlogger. In his vlogs, you will learn a lot about the local cultures and landscapes, also how to photograph all the things you. 

I also featured him on my list of photographers to follow.


Louis is one of those guys that have contagious enthusiasm. He vlogs on a very regular basis, so he has plenty of content for you to enjoy. He doesn’t make tips videos but has plenty of diaries of his adventures. So enjoy binging his videos!

What travel vloggers do you like to watch? Let me know in the comments below!

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