List of Travel Bloggers to inspire your next trip abroad

Reading blogs and getting inspired by what others do is a fun thing to pass the time. For that reason, I am creating and sharing this list of travel bloggers. So we can all enjoy a regular travel story.

This list will probably be in eternal evolution. So if there is someone missing in this list, information that needs an update, or you just want to tell me you enjoy this list: e-mail me at

The list is in alphabetical order.

My blog –

On my blog, you will read about my travel and photography trips. I also like to post general tips about traveling and (smartphone) photography.


A blog that mainly writes about Asia. On Nancy’s blog, you will find loads of information about where to go and what to eat.

Erin Outdoors

Erin’s blog is mainly about the why’s and how of travel. She also likes to focus on travel photography.

Faraway Lucy

With Lucy, it’s all about those numbered posts. So you will find the best places to go in different cities, what items to bring with you on travels and complete itineraries.

Frugal Travel Guy

A website with less common blog subjects. Rick helps you out with the financial and practical side of travel. Like insurance, planning, and finances.

Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara travels all around the world and tells you her stories. Expect the personal side of traveling with photos and videos as the medium.

Iva Says

Looking to get inspired about travel destinations and concepts? Iva has all the answers you need!

Lucy Williams Global

On this blog, Lucy focuses mainly on the adventures and life doing cruises and their destinations.

Luxury Travel Diva

You can tell by the name, this blog is about the more glamorous travel destinations. 

Megan Starr | Traveling and Traversing the Globe

Megan likes to focus more on destinations with a natural feel. If you like to hike, go outdoors, and enjoy the lush green colors of the world… this is the blog for you!


Sophie’s content goes in-depth on the locations and destinations she visits. What to eat, what see, and what to do. All listed nicely.

Third Eye Traveller

A solo female travel blogger talking about destinations and experiences. All with the solo (female) concept in mind.

Tracy Kaler’s New York Life

NYC is a huge city, so it’s no wonder that people like Tracy can dedicate an entire blog about it.

Travels with Tam

Tam is definitely an outdoors person. She talks about the eco-friendly items to use, places to see amazing (natural) events, and the underwater world.

Wanderlust & Life

Itineraries from all around the world. This blog is perfect when you plan your trips.

Wherever I May Roam

A mom and daughter blogging together about their adventure all over the USA.

Wonderful Wanderings

A fellow country-mate of mine… well if she is at home at least. Sofie gives you detailed itineraries, food inspiration, and travel guides for all around the world.

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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