List of Travel Bloggers to inspire your next trip abroad

Reading blogs and getting inspired by what others do is a fun thing to pass the time. Sometimes, however, I feel I’m not following enough travel bloggers to satisfy my hunger for travel stories and tips. For that reason, I am creating and sharing this list of travel bloggers. So we can all enjoy a regular travel story.

This list will probably be in eternal evolution. So if there is someone missing in this list, information that needs an update, or you just want to tell me you enjoy this list: e-mail me at

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Travel bloggers in alphabetical order

A Dangerous Business: One for the female solo travelers
A Lady in London: She makes some of the best itineraries.
Adventures of a London Kiwi: Nice to read personal travel blogs.
Bon Traveler: The best blog to find destination inspiration.
Campsbay Girl: Some of the most thorough listicles about destinations.
Faraway Lucy: The keywords here are personal and itineraries.
Girl vs Globe: An all-around awesome travel blogger.
Hand Luggage Only: Itineraries with amazing photos!
Joy della Vita: A nice focus on Instagram for people traveling.
Solo Traveler World: Tips for the solo travelers among us.
Travelettes: The best travel-related listicles.
Young Adventuress: She really goes around the world.


If you are specifically looking for Flemish Travel Bloggers, my buddy Vetexbart made a list of those. šŸ˜‰