The Mont-Saint-Michel: City in the sea

When travelling to Normandy in France there are a couple of places you have to stop. Omaha beach, one of the many cemeteries and… the Mont-Saint-Michel. A mountain in the estuary of the river Couesnon.

With 3 million visitors each year, it’s a hotspot in France. In the village you can enjoy the many shops, restaurants en viewpoints over the surroundings. It’s easy accessible by car as they provided a huge parking. From there you can enjoy the walk over the bridge or take a bus to the mountain. You can also walk around the mountain during low-tide. Make sure to check the timings for the tide, as you don’t want to be surprised by the incoming sea.

The view from the Mont-Saint-Michel

On top of the mountain you can find an abbey. From there you have the best view over the estuary and the other tidal-islands. It’s also an interesting visit as you will be able to walk through the entire building.

The view around the Mont-Saint-Michel

Walking around the mountain is highly suggested. If you decide to go later in the evening, bring a lamp. It’s a muddy walk, so maybe don’t bring your best shoes either. Keep an eye on the tide to make sure you’re not surprised by it.

I first had dinner in one of the restaurants with a view on the bay and then went out to photograph the sunset over the landscape. This way you have plenty of energy to make the walk. Afterwards I went to my car and had a satisfied long ride home.

We arrived at 6:30pm and left at 11:30pm. So make sure to calculate enough time in your planning when visiting.

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