The highway of Antwerp in photos + Traffic jam tips

The highway of Antwerp in photos + Traffic jam tips

On a daily basis, I have to go to my work. Something I do by car, forcing me to pass past the ring of Antwerp every day. Twice. A place that I find beautiful and annoying at the same time. For all the commuters like me, I have a cure for traffic jams at the end of this blogpost.

Two weeks ago I decided to go out and walk next to the highway. There is a route there for cyclists. We call it the fiets-o-strade: bike-highway. It’s fairly easy to walk next to the road there. I made sure to arrive around blue hour so the light would make all the concrete more interesting. Something, I feel, I succeeded at.

My 3 traffic jam tips

As I’m a regular to rush hour, I have some things to make sure I lose as little time as possible, or enjoy the moment. Nobody likes to get home all worked up.

1. Use Google maps

Before I leave, I make sure to check Google Maps for their traffic forecast. You can also use Waze. This way I know if it’s better to keep working for another 30minutes/hour or to go home.

2. That’s my traffic jam jam!

Listen to the radio. They will tell you if the road is blocked and if there are alternative routes. I listen to the radio for the music. Just dance and singalong with the music. Even though it’s sometimes horrible, horrible music. You will feel better and less worked up. Honking the horn and swearing at the others won’t make things go any faster.

3. Look around

Maybe the highway isn’t the most interesting part of your day. But it’s amazing how many things you are missing because you are usually focussed on traffic. If you are in a complete standstill (safety first!), you will find that there are many interesting things you have not noticed. And when the roadside isn’t interesting: Look around for that cute girl, that handsome guy, the nosepicking person, or me: jamming in my car to whatever song.

What are your traffic jam stories?

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