The beautiful Stockholm metrostations

Stockholm is not only the capital of Sweden, it might also be the capital of design. Everywhere you go, you can see the presence of their rich history and temporary influence on the aesthetic world. Like their metrostations!

One of the must-visits in Stockholm are their many subway-stations. Why? Well, they all have their own theme. Underground in the Mid-West or agrarian culture. In this post you will discover the photos of my four favourite Stockholm metrostations.

Some advise for your visit

Visiting the metrostations comes with some limitations. First of all you will need a ticket to enter. I suggest you buy a 24-hour ticket, so you have plenty of time to visit all stations.

Buying your ticket in a small deli-shop will save you 20SEK. You can find these shops in almost every metro-station. As Sweden is already an expensive country, saving your money on small things like this will help you out a lot.

About when to visit: Go after rushhour. Since the metrostations are all underground, you’re not depended on sunlight. So it’s the perfect evening activity. There are less people then to ruin your photos.

The Stockholm metrostation


A smaller metrostation, but definitely worth your time.

Central Station

The biggest and most popular one. You have to go really deep to find it though. I think I walked in 4 or 5 escalators to actually get there. But it’s worth it!


The first one I visited. Although it’s very simplistic, with just the rainbow and Olympic games painting, it is very beautiful.


Right in the middle. This one has an ancient temple theme. One of the larger metrostations in Stockholm. In this subway station you have a good feeling with the rocks beneath Stockholm.

Have you visited the Stockholm metrostations already? Which one did you like best?

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