How to support your favorite bloggers

There is a subgenre of people on the internet that love to share information about the things they care about. We call them bloggers, and they come in every shape and form. Here is a way you can give back to your favorite blogger for helping you out with the information they have given you.

Bloggers give access to their content and information for free. Sure, they often get products to review for free or a city trip somewhere nice. The thing is, those things don’t pay their bills in the end.

I’m not going deeper into how the financial part behind a blog works. That’s a whole other blog post. These are some ways you can help them, without actually having to spend any money yourself!

These ways of support work for any blogger: Travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, food bloggers, mommy bloggers, daddy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, let me think…, book bloggers, tech bloggers, … all of them!

Visit their blog regularly

Visit their blog regularly. Having returning visitors like you, which they can more or less see in their Google Analytics, is heartwarming. This way, a blogger knows they are doing this whole online thing right. It’s sometimes hard to know about that.

Try to read the blogs as much as possible. Google keeps an eye on how long you are on their website. Leaving within a couple of seconds signals Google that this might not be good content at all. Try to read through it at a normal pace before closing the tab again.

Use their affiliate links

For those who don’t know, affiliate links are regular weblinks with a specific code. This way a shop, like, knows what items are bought and who referred the buyer to them. They don’t charge any extra money, but they give a little percentage to the referrer as a thank you.

Many bloggers use this to earn some pocket money. Now, you might not need the items or want to book the hotel right away. But that’s okay. Right before you plan on booking a hotel or buying something online, go to your favorite blogger and go to the webshop via one of their links.

Even when you’re not buying that specific item they refer you to, they get a little percentage if you buy your item in that session.

A practical example:

You would like to buy a book on However, you remember your favorite blogger referring to Amazon in a blog post with some travel essentials. You click the link to buy the headlight they recommend, but then just move on to your book.

When purchasing the book, even though it’s not the headlight, the blogger gets a little percentage. Because he brought you to the store. Cool, right?

Some affiliate links from me (so please use these):

Share the blog posts you like

This one is pretty obvious I think. Share the blog posts you like to read yourself. Maybe a coworker can use a specific list of travel tips, since he’s leaving on vacation soon.

You can also post the links to your favorite posts on your social networks. Sharing articles isn’t only beneficial to your favorite blogger, but it also makes you look like an expert in the subject matter.

Comment on the blog posts

Interacting with the content the blogger shares is a nice way to thank them. It shows them you care enough to spend some time crafting a nice comment. Maybe you can provide them with some feedback, a point they might have missed, or your personal story about the subject.

Talk about the activities and products

If you arrive at a hotel that you found through a blogger, let the staff know you found them through a blog. They like to know, and the blogger will love you for dropping their name. Same goes when you buy a product somewhere. Let the people you interact with know that they helped you find it.

Use their services

Only if you can actually use them of course. Some travel bloggers offer a service where they help you create an itinerary for the destinations they really know, which can help you with a perfect personal itinerary.

Maybe your favorite beauty blogger helps you find the perfect pallet within your budget that is customized to your skin tone? That’s, how that works, right?

Give them feedback

A comment, a mail, or DM, anything goes. Let them know when you really loved an article they wrote. Or maybe if you didn’t like it, why you didn’t. This helps them improve their blogs and posts. Which then again, improves your information consumption. Everybody wins if you do it politely.

Ask them questions

Maybe something wasn’t clear for you. Or it wasn’t even discussed. Ask them your question. This way they can provide you with answers and update their content with the missing information. Or maybe even create an entirely new blog post about the topic you gave them.

There are many ways to help bloggers. So don’t limit yourself to this list. Also, it’s important to stay cool and calm. Don’t start doing all these points just to make your favorite blogger happy. Do the things you can and when they are necessary. Just keep in mind that some small actions can help us out a lot!

Thank you for reading this! If you have any more suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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