25 photos of the stunning nature on Malta

The landscapes and nature on Malta are so beautiful. You can find unique plants and breathtaking landscapes. Cliffs, lagoons, bays, and colorful plants. Discover the stunning nature on Malta with me in this photo series.

A couple of the best places to spot the stunning nature on Malta

On Mainland Malta:

  • Golden Bay: also great for sunbathing.
  • Ghajn Tuffieha Bay: Also known as Riviera Bay. You can find a lot of surfers here.
  • Mellieha Bay: A bay with some quiet water.
  • Mistra Bay: A beautiful view, and perfect to chill with your boat.
  • Anchor Bay: Next to Popeye Village. 😉
  • Dingly Cliffs: A stunning view

On Comino:

  • Elephant Rock: It really looks like an elephant!
  • Santa Maria Caves: Don’t go in… or do.
  • Santa Marija Bay: Here you will also see the tiniest police station ever.
  • Blue Lagoon: A touristy place to go for a swim.
  • Crystal Lagoon: A more laidback place where you can swim.

Photos of the Maltese nature and landscapes

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