A smartphone photographers gift guide

One of those yearly questions I hate: What do you want for your birthday? For that reason, I made this list of items a smartphone photographer, like myself, might enjoy.

Of course, my friends are free to buy me stuff from this list, but it’s mostly intended to help you buy a nice present for your smartphone photography friends.

A power bank charger

One thing a smartphone photographer can’t get enough from is energy. To go out on trips, but obviously also for his/her’s smartphone. Phones are known for their small batteries. So do your friend a favor and get them an extra energy supply.

My power bank recommendations:

A smartphone tripod

If they want to photograph themselves with a camera timer, or maybe just do a long exposure photo of their favorite subject. They definitely need a tripod. Buy them one with the proper mount for smartphones.

My tripod recommendations:

Smartphone lenses

There are several types of lenses. Also for smartphones, so find on that your friend might enjoy. You have different types of lenses, so maybe it’s the best idea to go into sets if you are not 100% sure which one to get.

My smartphone lenses recommendations:

A set of lenses with apertures is something on my wishlist. Though it does not exist yet. Read more about it here!

Waterproof case for your smartphone

If you know your friend is a more adventurous type, a waterproof case for his or her’s smartphone is a great idea. There are several. Some are model specific, and others are a bit more generic.

My smartphone waterproof cases recommendations:

A Gimbal for smartphone photography and videography.

This one is mainly interesting if your friend is into videography with smartphones. A gimbal helps them to get stable shots that are smooth and clean for the viewers to watch.

My smartphone gimbal recommendations:

Lume cubes for smartphones

One of those things people often forget is light. Lume cubes are small lights that are easy to bring with you. There are even nice mounts so you can attach the cubes to your smartphone. Kind of like a flashlight.

Get a lume cube!

What item would you like to get? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: In this article are some affiliate links. This means that, if you buy or book something, I get a small percentage of the fee. This comes with no extra cost to you but helps me run this website.

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