How to save your smartphone battery (while traveling)

When traveling, your smartphone can be a very useful and almost essential tool. Ordering an Uber, finding opening hours for museums, and Google Mapping your way around town. Finding yourself with no battery power is super annoying, so here are a couple of tips to save your smartphone battery!

Things to do first when trying to save battery

Turn off your WiFi

When you are not using or, even worse, not connected, this drains the battery. Your phone will keep looking for a connection. This will use so much battery without you even knowing.

Turn off your data (when not in use)

If you are not researching anything, your data is useless. It will use your battery to make sure you always have a steady connection. Which you don’t really need at that moment, so turn it off!

Turn off your Bluetooth

Same as with your WiFi and data, your Bluetooth will keep looking for connections to make. Bluetooth is something you rarely need, so make sure to turn it off by default.

Dim your screen brightness

Turn down the brightness on your phone. This reduces the power your screen needs and saves you some battery power.

Turn on battery saving mode

If you are really scrapping for battery, turn on battery saving mode. Often this will limit certain activities on your smartphone to make sure you save battery.

Leave your phone in your pocket

As simple as that, just leave it in your pocket. Turning the screen on and off again to see if you have any notifications is using the battery. Just let it rest in your pocket, where the screen can stay off.

Switch off the apps you don’t use

A lot of people let their apps running in the background. This way they are already running when they need them. When they need them. If you are not using the app right now, you don’t need it. Close all your apps to save that little bit of battery on your phone.

Avoid the use of apps with GPS (Maps, Pokemon, Waze, …)

GPS is a smartphone battery killer. Apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Pokemon Go are all GPS dependent. If you are trying to save your battery, avoid these apps. Of course it’s not always possible. Just make sure to keep the use of them as short as possible.

Extra ways to have a full smartphone battery throughout the day

Bring a power bank for your smartphone

This one is obvious. A power bank for your smartphone can help you get those extra percentages in, so you can recharge without being tied to a power socket.

Carry your power charger with you

If you decide to take a break at the hotel or in a coffee bar, charging your phone while you are there is a great idea to regain some of that battery life!

Buy a phone with decent battery life

If you find yourself out of juice regularly, maybe it’s time to upgrade your smartphone. Buying one that has a better battery life is a great investment, especially if you travel often.

Updates your apps (and remove some)

Before going out to start your day, make sure to update all your apps on the Wi-Fi and while being charged. Often you can have this automated in your settings so check that one out.

Another good thing to do is remove the apps you don’t even need. 

Have a dark wallpaper

This is an extension of your screen brightness. Having a darker background reduces the usage of energy in your screen already. 

Avoid extreme temperatures

Don’t let your phone lay in the cold or sun. The cold drains your battery. Also extreme warmth, like leaving your phone on the table in the sun. If it’s cold outside, keep your phone close to you. In your pocket or maybe even coat.

Do the same if it’s warm, and keep your phone out of the sun for long periods.

Charge while driving

Another great idea to do, especially during a road trip, is charging your phone while you are driving. Buy one of those sockets, and get charging!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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