12 photos of romantic Valletta (+ tips where to go with your lover)

In the Mediterranean Sea, you can find a small island that goes by the name of Malta. As with every country, this island has a capital, romantic Valetta. One of the most romantic and cute cities I’ve visited.

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The main architectural style in the city is Baroque and most buildings are there since the 16th century. With only 6444 people living in the historical city, it’s not a big city. Luckily this means you can spend more attention on your significant other, and less time reading the map.

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Places to visit in romantic Valetta

  • Saint John’s Co-Cathedral: A beautiful decorated Cathedral in the city center. The outside is quite sober, but the interior is lavish!
  • Upper Barraka Gardens: A beautiful view of the three cities and a great balcony to share a photo with your significant other.
  • Waterfront: Just stroll around the waterfront, there is plenty of it on Malta!
  • Take a Dghajsa: Floating over the docks with a classical Dghajsa (a local gondola)
  • Stroll around the three cities: Across the docks of Valetta, you can find The Three Cities. A region of small and cozy streets.
  • Rent a car from Rolling Geeks: Sitting right next to each otherĀ in a small car and discovering the city. I think that’s romantical perfection.

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