Rock Circus beer café in Ghent

Beers are becoming more and more of a ‘luxury’ product. People don’t associate them with people getting drunk at a bar anymore. They are, like wine, a product you have to taste and experience with some knowledge.

The perfect place in Ghent to do this has to be Rock Circus in the Overpoort. A narrow bar in the student party-street. You might walk past it if you are unaware of is existence. Which makes the discovery of it even better. Upon entering you will notice the bar has a rock’n’roll vibe. It looks a bit like your regular Belgian ‘bruin cafe’.

Tap cranes in Rock Circus

The difference with these bars, they have 60 tap cranes and over 100 beers in 75cl bottles. As an avid beer drinker and taster, I find plenty of beers on their menu for me to enjoy for the first time. There are also a lot of ’standard’ beers for less experienced drinkers. Most Belgian beers are available, giving you the opportunity to travel through the country by drinking.

Also for people that like Trappist but never seem to find all of them, at Rock Circus they have them all available. So get at it!

Find them at Overpoortstaat 22 in Ghent.

The beers available on tap at Rock Circus in Ghent

  1. Slaapmutske Collection Challenger
  2. Bersalis Tripel
  3. Affligem
  4. Klets Bier
  5. Kwak
  6. Ramée
  7. Deugniet
  8. Tonneke
  9. Valeir Extra
  10. Oud Zottegems
  11. XX Bitter
  12. Arend Tripel
  13. Kwaremont
  14. Moinette Blond
  15. Gouden Carolus Tripel
  16. Schuppenboer
  17. Gentse Tripel
  18. La Guillotine
  19. Averbode
  20. Delirium Tremens
  21. Timmermans Kriek
  22. Bourgogne des Flandres
  23. Celtic Cider
  24. Guinness
  25. Urthel Saisonnière
  26. Faro
  27. Circus Beer
  28. Red Rooster
  29. Troubadour Magma
  30. Hopruiter
  31. Zeezuiper
  32. Pater Verbiest
  33. Sint-Bernardus Tripel
  34. Gruut Ambré
  35. Gruut Inferno
  36. Dikke Mathilde
  37. Pee Klak
  38. Ichtegems Oud Bruin
  39. Keyte Bruin
  40. Buffalo Bitter
  41. Pater Lieven Tripel
  42. Watou Wit
  43. Cuvée Watou
  44. Hommelbier
  45. Passchendaele
  46. Bacchus Frambozenbier
  47. Kasteelbier Rouge
  48. Bornem Tripel
  49. Gulden Draak
  50. Gulden Draak Quadruppel
  51. Piraat
  52. Piraat Tripel Hop
  53. Augustijn
  54. Leute Bok
  55. Rebel Local
  56. Kannunik Tripel
  57. Ename Tripel
  58. Mc Chouffe
  59. One that changes every month

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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