Review: Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lens for Nikon

This year for my birthday I decided to give myself a big present. One that I could also use professionally, just to make sure I didn’t feel too bad about the price-tag. So I went out and bought a Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 lens for my Nikon DSLR. Here you can read my thoughts about this lens after 4 months of use.

First of all, I want to overall say I love the lens! I’m a telephoto kind of guy, so any lens that brings me closer to my subject is awesome. But that’s not what you’re here for, right?

The build of the Tamron 70-200mm

The build of the lens feels really sturdy. In the short period of time, I had it, I already stumbled it into a wall or object a couple of times. It can happen, but the lens doesn’t really seem to care. It’s still scratchless and without flaws. At first, I was a bit scared for the lens hood, which is long and just plastic. Sure it would break instantly? But it’s actually solid.

The 70-200mm lens is pretty heavy, I must say. I use it professionally on events I need to photograph. I love it for its zoom and light-sensitive functionalities, but it’s often a bit of a relief when I can change to a 50mm 1.8. That being said, I am on those events for entire days, so for a couple of hours, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Because of the weight, it’s best to use the tripod-mount screw on the lens, instead of on your DSLR body. This is because of the shifted center of gravity.

A small issue I have with the build is the AF-MF shifter. There are 4 sliders on the lens to control your focusing. One is just to turn from manual to auto. This little shifter seems to be really easy to switch, as it does so without me noticing. Probably when stumbling it into something, putting it in my bag and taking it out, … But I have noticed I need to turn on autofocus often, as it has magically switched to manual.

Hayk Mikaelyan
Me and the 70-200mm exploring ( By Hayk Mikaelyan)

Photos made with the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8

In a way, I can keep rambling on about the lens. There is so much to discuss. The distorting, vignetting, color aberration,… And to be honest, there are website way better in it then I am. Specialists who do all kind of tests, with specialized software and hardware. Super techy. But for creatives like me and you, we just want to see what we can do with it. For that reason, I am creating a gallery with photos I made with the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8

All photos are made with a Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 lens on a Nikon D850 body and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Do you like the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8?

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