The relaxing advantages of macro photography

It’s no secret I am a fan of macro photography. I love to look at it and I like to do it myself. Next to my day job as a photographer, it’s something that helps me to relax and be myself. Here are the relaxing advantages of macro photography for you!

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You are in nature

Doing macro photography at home is possible, but I find it bores me rather fast. So I usually go outside. My garden, nearby parks, or nature domains. Especially the nature domains are perfect, since more insects and flowers life there.

It’s a scientific fact that being in nature is relaxing and energizing for people. If you do a simple hike or an extensive macro photo shoot, you will definitely feel the positive effect of nature.

There is no-one around

If you decide to photograph in a park, the relaxing advantages of macro photography might be a bit more dependant on the people around you. So I advice to really go into nature. There you might see maybe one person every hour or so. Since they are there to relax too, they will probably not interrupt your photography.

The model doesn’t complain

I never had a bee or flower come up to me after a photo, to check how many chins they have. Insects are a thankful subject because you will never hear from them again. You get to call the shots. Which ones you choose, edit, how you edit and publish. No model releases, no second and third opinions. Hooray!

Discover how to do better macro photography with insects.

You can take your time

As long as the light is present and you have a subject to photograph, you don’t have to look at the time. Your model isn’t paid hourly, the studio isn’t rented, and there is no one to chase you. You can just sit down (although I often lay down) and photograph.

With lots of subjects, it’s even necessary to take your time. Like butterflies that won’t sit still for example.

Macro photography is kind of the quick fix for slow travel.

No deadlines

You work on those photos whenever you want. For me is always the same day, as I am usually hyped on what I shot. But if you don’t have the time, or don’t feel like it, you can always do it later on. There is no rush with it.

You learn about nature

By observing the butterflies, I can better determine which one will do what. This helps me to photograph them in their most quiet moments. The same goes for bugs and other subjects you might want to photograph.

I don’t know all the bugs by heart, but for my birthday I asked for a book with all of them in it. Determining which bug is what is also one of the relaxing advantages of macro photography for me.

You get time to think

Walking around nature without too many things to bother you it relaxing. And usually, that’s the best time to think about your problems or come up with creative solutions. It’s kind of like a relaxing shower, but without the water bill at the end of the month.

Are you doing macro photography already? What advantages do you experience the most?

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