All the portraits I made in 2018 so far

If you are the photographer in your friend group, chances are they asked you to make their portrait a couple of times. Often while traveling or when you happen to have your camera with you after a shoot.

This post is a bit of a collection of those portraits. For some, I asked my friends to pose in a specific place, and others are made while casually traveling. I didn’t look for a specific uniform look. All photos are made at that specific moment. So some are fun and others serious.

These are my nonprofessional portraits, the ones I made for myself and friends.

Egon, the BMXer

Egon is a friend of mine that rides BMX and is an awesome MC at BMX events. I made this shot of him for an exhibition I participated in for Huawei. This also means to photo is made with the Huawei P20 Pro. I wanted to showcase his skills in the bowl, so that’s why I chose that location.

Hamza, nighttime meditation

Another one of my Huawei series. This one wasn’t really meant as a portrait of Hamza, but more as a portrait of a feeling. I wanted to visually represent the feeling I get when strolling the street alone at night. The quiet and peace of being in a city at night.

Aicha, afternoon hike

Aicha is one of those really good friends I don’t see often enough. So asking her for a portrait was the perfect alibi to see her again. We did an entire session, and I just really fell in love with the photo and the colors.

Margot, fun in the mundane

Just like the one with Hamza earlier in this post, this one isn’t really made as a portrait, but more as a fun representation. This one was to show how you can find fun in everyday tasks. Well, I can’t recommend to actually wash flyers, but you get the gist.

Hamza, a cosy evening

This one was made during a relaxed night at the riverside. I just did a shoot with and decided to meet up with Hamza. We just did a casual quick pose and that was that. But I like the photo.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!