Portrait of Antwerp’s lovers in the form of graffiti

Sometimes an idea for a photoseries just throws itself at you. Like this one. I was out with a friend to help her with a video-assignment she got. While doing this, I noticed all the names on the fences. This had me dreaming.

What has become of them?

Some of the people who scratched their and their lovers names were so kind to also leave a date. Some of the carvings were 10 years old. Are these people still together? Or was it just a short love that ended quickly after? Questions like this don’t really keep me up at night, but when I see things like this I wonder for a minute. So I decided to end the shoot with the friend and come back with my camera the next day.

Others too

So I started to shoot these photos and noticed how many names there are. Soon after I started, I saw people around started to notice the names too. And they began looking at them too. (Influencer-agencies, call me!)

Do you have places in your town were people write about themselves too? Maybe with graffiti, with carvings of their name, or the classic: locks. Let me know! I would love to find out more stories like this.

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