Photography YouTube channels to help you improve your photos

Wanting to learn about photography is often easier said than done. Luckily, there are a lot of people that love to help you. For free! We call those heroes: YouTubers. In this blog, I made a list of photography YouTube channels.

For ease of use, I made this list alphabetical. In this list, you can find companies that help you out with tutorials and review, YouTubers that give their opinion on certain subjects and make tutorials, and even just people that talk you through every part of their shoot. Get subscribing and shooting! 😉

Adorama: This YouTube-channel provides you with short video’s with simple tips and longer video’s that really go in depth in some subjects.
Advancing your Photography: A YT-channel featuring several photographers that bring you some insights into how they work.
Alen Palander: Not only are his videos super interesting, they are also very well made!
Apalapse: Short animation video’s that will get you started in all genres of photography.
Benjamin Jaworskyj: An energetic YouTuber that will give you tips and reviews on how to do photography right.
COOPH: Short video’s that gives you insight into all forms of photography.
Cristi Kerekes: A YouTube-channel that explains the web and post-production side of things
Elaine Torres: A photography vlogger that specializes in (studio)-portraits. She uploads in English and Spanish.
f64 academy: Looking for more in-depth tutorials for Photoshop and Lightroom? Look no further!
Jamie Windsor: I don’t think I can really condense this YouTube-channel into once sentence. He does it all!
Joe Edelman: Interested in (studio) portraiture? This is the guy for you!
Rosh Sillars: This channel focusses on the business side of photography.
The Slanted Lens: A little bit of everything, covered in a fun sauce!
Tony & Chelsea Northrup: Podcasts and tutorials, this couple helps you go professional.
We Eat Together: As the name might suggest, this guy talks food photography!

What Photography YouTube channels are still missing? Let me know in the comments!


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