Photography vloggers who taught me so much, and will continue to do so

You get that too: At night you want to relax and watch some television. But I feel that’s often a waste of time, except when you watch video-content that teaches you stuff. In the evening you can find me watching these YouTubers and learning a lot from them. Since sharing is caring, I thought I’d list up the best ones for you!

Disclaimer: I sometimes watch useless content too. Like Rick & Morty.

Thomas Heaton

My favorite vlogger by far. He taught me so much about landscape photography and trekking in general. The patience you need to have when shooting. How to compose better. What to look for in a landscape. All essential stuff. Oh, and he’s just a fun guy to watch.


This is more of a videography channel than photography, but there is still a lot to learn from him. Color grading tips, composition and general tips to survive a shoot. He also recently went over 100k subscribers.

Peter McKinnon

This is one energetic guy. One video he’s at home in Canada, the next he is at some coffee-farm somewhere in South-America. He is filled with small lifesavers, big lifesavers, creativity and DIY solutions. And the best thing is: it’s for both photographers and videographers.


This is a commercial channel from a store, but they make amazing video-content. There are a couple of series with a couple of photographers taking you along on a roadtrip. Or from trips to a country seen through the lens of several photographers. Oh and tips and tricks from photographers explaining it while they actually encounter the problem. And my favorite are the through the lens series. In those series they follow one photographer who explains how, what and why he shoots

Are there photography channels you can recommend to me? I’d love to find out about them in the comments below!

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