Photography blogs to help you improve your photo skills

To improve myself in photography and travel I read a lot of blogs. I follow them on Bloglovin to make sure I don’t miss anything! As I love to share knowledge, I thought I’d share this list of photography bloggers to help you improve.

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Digital Photography School

Just like in school, this website helps you cover most bases of photography. You’ll learn the technical side, how to compose, and what to do with your subjects to make your shots interesting.

With two posts a day, your photography will improve pretty fast.

DIY Photography

New technology, tips, and tricks, or just opinions by and for photographers. On DIY Photography there is plenty to learn and read. With a couple of posts each day, you won’t get too hungry!

This website might not have the sexiest titles or subjects, but they specialize in very well written complete guides to subject. Going from reflection photography to basic editing. There is a full and complete guide for almost any photography subject.

Daily posting makes sure you get to your A-game quickly!


Probably one of the most known and famous photography blogs. On Fstoppers you can find loads of articles with tips about photography niches, opinions about current events, and news from all over the world. It’s the one stop shop for photographic information.


On Fubiz you won’t find any guides on how to do things. It’s all about inspiration. Graphic design but also photography. Reports of people visiting certain countries and areas in the world. Or posts about photographers trying out different portrait ideas. If you’re looking for artistic inspiration, visit Fubiz!

Improve Photography

Another blog going deeper into specific subjects of photography. Looking deeper into to use of GoPro’s for professionals for example, or how to go about certain seasons and subjects. It’s a great blog to follow for personal photography development.

Light Stalking

How to guides and tips for the more popular photography niches like street, wedding and outdoor photography. A great blog with a nice aesthetic too.

SLR Lounge

Great inspiration guides, little tricks you didn’t know about Lightroom yet or just reviews. Get your head around gear on this awesome blog.


The inspiration for travel photography. It’s nice to see a photo and also get the story behind it. How it’s made and everything that happened to make this photo possible. Because ideas, inspiration guides, and tutorials only get you so far. This blog will help you up your story game.

The Photo Argus

Looking for a nice overview with inspiration for a certain photography niche? On the Photo Argus, they regularly post blogs with a large number of photos from a specific subject. A great way to start your search for ideas and inspiration.

What photography blog do you like to read? Let me know in the comments!

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