The most important piece of gear for an event photographer

The title should say it all. But of course, there is a lot more to say. Not in the least some tips for photographers to improve their health. And with health, I mean both physical and mental health. 

Being a professional photographer, I vastly underestimated the physical part of it all when starting. And I am not a landscape photographer who hikes to get to unique places. I’m a B2B photographer doing portraits and photo reports in offices. I also photograph corporate events.

Yet, it’s essential to be physically in shape. You don’t have to be the next Dwayne The Rock Johnson or athlete. You just need to be in good condition.

Why photographers need good physical health

Walking for your health
Regular exercise will help you to maintain good health as a photographer

We underestimate or even overlook this aspect. Photographing an event, for example, can be demanding.

You stand up all day, walking around, often rushing between places to get those shots in.

On top of that, it can be that your food and water intake is limited. Not necessarily for the entire shoot, but for parts of it. Right when you are using a lot of energy.

It might be the case you have to start very early. Or have to work very late. Either covering the event until the very end or editing the photos so you can deliver the very next morning.

All these aspects are more common then you might think. And though they rarely all happen in the same event, it can happen.

How to stay energized as a photographer

Don't drink alcohol during events
Maybe stay away from drinking alcohol during events. Not only will it impair your focus, it’s also not good for your body.

Let’s focus on the food intake issue, primarily.

Some photographers make sure they can bridge those gaps without any food. Others make sure they have some kind of source to renew their energy. It can be as simple as having a nutritional bar in your bag.

I usually bridge those gaps. However, water, for me, is essential. I can’t go without it. So I always have a metal water bottle in my bag. If possible, I prefer to drink the water from the event catering first.

eat healthy as a photographer
Eat healthy. And don’t be too shy to grab a plate from the buffet. 😉

Most events I cover do provide food. Every client I ever had has asked me if I needed anything. Or they invited me to join the meal. As a newbie, I often refused politely. Don’t feel you shouldn’t join the buffet, because you are the photographer. Go ahead; Just make sure to have the shots you need first. 😉

Tips for photographers to improve their health

A lot of the health tips I am going to give are preventative measures. There is no way to catch your breath quickly after running a marathon. So, you need to practice in advance. 😉

For me, that means walking around regularly. When doing calls, I also go outside to get some steps on the pedometer. It’s a beautiful moment to either take photos of the world around you, listen to music or podcasts, or just listen to the world’s sounds.

Go for a dogwalk
Walk the dog if you have one. I don’t have one, so I pay this metal guy a visit regularly.

It also means doing some kind of fitness. You don’t have to become a gym-addict. Just do some exercises at home. Buy some weights if you feel motivated. I use a fitness app with different activities every day. I also like to go for a run or a swim.

A less physical one is meditation. Although this has everything to do with thoughts, it does affect your body. Headspace is my go-to app for this. I’m doing it for over a year now, and I feel an effect doing this daily.

Talk to people at the event.

Have a conversation with the guests
Take a breather. You can even go networking with the guests.

Talking is an excellent way to relax for a bit. Talk to the organizer or someone else from the organization. It can even be guests. Just mingle with the people for a few seconds. Make sure you can pull out the conversation quickly, yet politely when something happens.

Talking to the organizer isn’t only an excellent way to blow off some steam for a second; it also helps you get future gigs. Of course, this tip is for extroverts. 😉

In conclusion, it’s essential to work on your health. Eat healthily, be more or less fit, and keep your mind healthy.

What do you do to maintain your health?

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