Photo blog of Arras: A beautiful city in Northern France

In the north of France, the Chti-area, you will find a little city on the map called Arras. Not too far from Lille, it’s a picturesque city to walk through. Although you will be done visiting after a day, it is worth your time! Check out Arras in these photos!

La Grand Place in Arras

On the main square or Grand Place, you will find a lot of old houses. It’ so much fun to look how they all have the same exterior, but still achieve in being unique. It’s a great start for people that are into architecture!

Finding parking in Arras: Underneath the Grand Place, there is a big parking lot. You will be able to park your car there in exchange for a reasonable price.

Looking for dinner at the Grand Place? I can recommend the Assiette au boeuf. A meat restaurant with great food!

Place des Héros in Arras

At the Heroes Square, or Place des Héros, you find the same old houses as on the Grand Place, but with the added bonus you don’t have the entire square filled with parked cars. It’s a great place to grab a drink on a terras or just take some photos.

Walk the streets of Arras

Apart from the two beautiful main squares, there are a lot of little streets and squares to discover. I can’t really tell you a certain route to take. Just start walking around, get left and right on each crossing you see and lose yourself… in the music, the moment. You own it, you better never let it go.

Discover the Citadelle d’Arras

Just outside the city center, there is a huge fort. In the Citadelle, there is plenty of things to see. Just take a couple of hours to stroll around and enjoy all the places it has hidden.



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