5 Out of Office emails for the regular traveler

The joy of finishing all your tasks before leaving on a trip. The very last thing you usually do before leaving the office is set up your Out of Office. Or OOO for short. In this article, I discuss how to set up your OOO in Gmail, plus some templates you can use!

First things first…

Setting up your Gmail out of office

  1. Go to the cogwheel in the upper right corner
  2. Click on ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu
  3. Scroll all the way down on the general tab
  4. Toggle the automatic reply on
  5. Set the start and end date of your holiday
  6. Leave the subject open, unless you have something specific to tell
  7. Write down your OOO (or copy and paste one from down below)

Free to use Out of Office templates

My personal out of office


Thank you for your email. I will try to give a response as soon as possible.

At the moment I’m enjoying some time off and have limited access to my inbox.

On Wednesday 06/02 I’m back online and ready to answer your emails and Fredography related questions.

While awaiting my reply, you can enjoy yourself by reading about my travel adventures on my website.

Discover them on www.fredericpaulussen.be



The short one


I’m currently not in the office and will not be until Wednesday 06/02.

For urgent matters, you can contact my colleague at info@fredericpaulussen.be



The sunny one


I’m currently lying in the sun on the beaches of Barcelona.

I’ll be back in the cool shade of the office on Thursday.

For urgent matters, you can contact my coworker at info@fredericpaulussen.be

Sunny greetings


The skiing out of office


At this moment I am carving some snow in the mountains of Tyrol.

I will be back in the office on Friday. Let’s hope I didn’t break anything by then.

For more urgent matters, please contact my colleague at info@fredericpaulussen.be

Snowy greetings


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  1. Ik had een goeie:


    I am currently not in the spotlight anymore, but I will make a huge comeback on Monday June 12th. I promise you I will be better than ever!


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