My personal, travel and blog goals for 2018 (updated)

A new year, a new me. We all know that nonsense by now. I don’t really believe in recreating myself. I do believe in improving myself step by step. So that’s why these are goals I already work on or are a direct consequence of things I was already doing. Let’s get started.

Personal goals to reach in 2018

I’ve split this into 3 categories. The first one being the personal goals. These are the most important ones, I find. The reason why is because of their impact on the other goals too. If you don’t feel right, your work will not feel right either.

Work out more regularly

Two years ago I got a gym subscription and started going twice a week for over a year. Now it’s been months again already. I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I’m not in the worst shape, but I feel I have more potential. It’s also so motivating to be active.

Of course, I still take my bike several times a week to meet with people. I hike through nature often, and I had a couple of swims recently. But still, I think fitness and weight-lifting is the best way the re-energize.

Update: yeah, I failed this one. Finding a proper schedule with an irregular life is too hard. One day I’m photographing here, then I’m at home editing and packing for a trip the next day. I was all over the place. Which is obviously good for me. It just prevented me from regular exercise.

Maybe watch my food?

I’m not a 100% sure about this one. I feel like maybe I should. But who can say no to tiramisu, … and coffee, … and also hamburgers,… Yeah, definitely not me. I think I do eat quite healthy already. I love having a salad for lunch. I regularly eat quinoa. All that jazz. And I sometimes go for a healthy burger with veggie or fish instead of beef and bacon.

Update: I did watch it. I took a lot of photos from my food this year. A thing I wanted to become better as, as a travel blogger was my food photography. I just didn’t really watch my food intake… but no harm was done, I didn’t gain or lose any weight! Hooray!

Keep meeting new people

I already do this, hence the ‘keep’. I think this is a valuable way of broadening your horizons. Doing new experiences only gets you so far. You need other people to talk about stuff to actually get to know about it. That’s why I will do my best to keep going to networking events and talk to people.

For example I never would have known about traveling by freighter, if it wasn’t for networking and talking to people.

Update: For my work, I have to meet new people regularly. Which is so much fun. I love doing photography for that reason too. The peak of this goal is probably my girlfriend. I didn’t meet her through my work, but it’s still one of those results from networking and meeting new people.

Travel goals to achieve in 2018

Traveling is personal development, at least that’s my opinion. So I want to keep doing it. That’s why I dedicated a section to it.

Visit two new countries

Next to traveling to the countries I’ve already been, I would like to discover at least two other countries too. I have no idea which ones these are going to be yet. Since I’ve visited quite some countries near Belgium already, I think all the visits will be by airplane. Any countries or cities you can recommend?

Update: I’ve done a bit more. The countries I visited in 2018: Malta, Latvia, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Technically also Zambia, but that was just a couple of hours.

Do a two-week road trip

One thing I am not doing by airplane is another road trip. Again, I have no idea where to, but I would like to make a long one. In 2017 I did one with vetexbart in Sweden for five days. It was lovely, and I want to make a longer one next. I have been thinking about the UK for it. And Poland is on the list too.

Update: I’ve not really done the road myself, but I have been touring around Botswana for two weeks by truck. So technically, it counts for me.

Do another bicycle trip through the Netherlands

Remember the one I took in April? I want to make it again, this time at the other side of the Netherlands. Going from Antwerp to Maastricht and then up. I’ll probably take a bit more time to do so, just because I don’t want to rush things again. Any suggestions for fun locations to visit or stay? Let me know! 😉

Update: This one I didn’t do. I had plans, but then the plans changed. That’s really all I can say about it.

Blog goals

I wouldn’t be talking about these goals on my blog if my blog wasn’t one of the topics, right? So let’s talk blogging…

Double my amount of visitors, again

I just checked: in 2017 I had double (actually even more) the number of visitors I had in 2016. Going from a four digit number to a five-digit number. It’s not all about the numbers, I know. Yet, it’s still motivating to see people actually enjoy the things I write.

Update: I actually didn’t double my amount visitors on this blog. I almost did 4x the amount of visitors. So yes, I definitely reached this goal!

Finally do a great give away

Doing a giveaway would be my way of thanking you. Some brands already came up to me with an offer to do this. But it never felt like a real match. Things I don’t believe in or things that had nothing to do with this blog. It should be something that I would love to use myself too, and not just something I use to get some easy traffic to my website.

Update: Earlier this year I teamed up with a webshop to giveaway some power banks. I feel like this counts as a successful goal!

Improve my writing process

Currently, I am happy with the speed I write. I just think I should start being more methodically too. Having a certain way to approach writing posts. Now I tend to forget to do things. Like add links to other posts (I bet I forgot some in this one). Also in terms of building the articles. Now I just start writing with a vague idea in mind. I want that to be different and better.

Update: I didn’t really make a rigid writing process I follow, however, I do write more efficiently. Which does count, right?

So, those are my goals. What are your goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments! It can be anything.

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3 thoughts on “My personal, travel and blog goals for 2018 (updated)”

  1. Hey, great goals! You really should visit Timisoara in Romania, I really enjoyed it there! And take the train if you can, I really recommend that! My goals are to gain a little condition. I really enjoy swimming, it doesn’t feel like working out at all. So I really want to go as much as I can this year. Watching my food isn’t on my list any more. I want to enjoy life more than keep being depressed about my weight. Travel goals … . I want to visit more countries then this year, want to see more of Belgium if I can and do a big roadtrip around the UK to see all the Harry Potter sets and views if I have a car. And last but not least take BLGR. to a higher level.

    1. Romania is definitely a country I want to visit once. Thanks for the tips already.

      I prefer swimming over any other exercise too, it’s enjoyable and healthy. It’s also better for your joints.

      Visiting more places in Belgium is something I can definitely recommend, so go for it. A roadtrip through the UK sounds awesome too. Great goals!

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