My Holiday Map: Turn your favorite itinerary into a souvenir!

Remember those posters you can make of a city-map you like. It’s based on Google Maps and just adds a nice aesthetic to it. Well, with Holiday Map you can do the same, but with your itinerary printed on it.

The website for is pretty self-explanatory. You get a map where you can choose the view you want, you have some color options, and then you just add the route you took in real life.

The first 10 users using the code ‘Fredography’ will receive a nice 10% discount on their purchase!

The tool will figure out the route you most likely took. If necessary you can change the order of the stops you made.

As an example, I made one for my recent Rheinland Pfalz road trip.

The prices for the MyHolidayMap posters:

  • S or A4 costs 24,95
  • M or A3 costs 29,95
  • L or A2 costs 34,95
  • XL or A1 costs 39,95

What trip would you like to see eternalised on your (bedroom) wall?

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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