My favourite smartphone photos from 2017 (made with a Huawei P10)

This past year I got back into smartphone photography… a lot. I made photos on a daily basis. As I am preparing myself for a 2018 full of photography, I also look back at 2017 and what I have done already. Have a look with me.

All these photos are made with my smartphone, a Huawei P10. For some I used extra lenses or a set of filters. All of them are edited in VSCOcam and Lightroom.


This one was partially for a concept, partially experimental. I just had a new lens for my smartphone (a review might follow) and wanted to try it out. The result was this awesome macro shot of @Jerupt‘s eye.

Standout Fern

This one is my favorite, hands down. I actually did some work on the colors. Making the fern stand out a bit more. So it’s not completely out of the box. But who doesn’t work on their photos these days?

Abstract plants

A close-up I made during a trip with Vetexbart to Voeren. It was in the beautiful garden of a lovely woman who spends her days maintaining that garden. Because we came in the wrong season, most flowers were already losing their colors. But this one plant stood out by just keeping its young and fresh color.

Portside sunset

A chat with a friend while we waited for the sun to set. It was so relaxing. The best photos are usually the ones you make when you are fully relaxed and happy. This one I mainly made to test out a new set of filters I bought.

Father & son sunset

This moment during a sunset in Rotterdam was a bit unplanned. I saw it happen and had to think quick. I needed a little tripod for this shot because I wanted to use slower shutter speeds to capture the colors of the sunset. The image thus isn’t (technically) perfect, but I love it anyway.

Share your favorite (smartphone)photos with me on social media. I would love to check them out!

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