My best inanimate friends I can’t live without

I sometimes travel by myself, I sometimes travel with a friend or a couple of them, and I always travel with these inanimate friends. I try to bring them with me as often as possible. For some objects it works, for others… well they are too awkward to bring on, let’s say, an airplane.

Huawei P10 for all my smartphone shots

It’s the most recent addition to the family. Having my Huawei P10 around is always useful for when I see something I want to photograph, but I don’t have a camera with me. It’s annoying how often that happens. Good thing I always carry my smartphone with me.

Here is a little list if you want to find out more about my smartphone and what I do with it:

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The North Face Borealis backpack to carry my stuff

I have to be honest, this is my second one. The first one actually got stolen. Luckily it was empty at that moment, but I still miss it. The first one went to Namibia and Berlin with me. The second one already did better though, with: Copenhagen, Prague, Normandy, Dublin, Rome, Tromso, Lisbon, WandelWalhallaRotterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Sweden and Geneva.

I like the way it looks. I like how I can put almost anything in it and it’s safe for water and damage. I almost always carry this one with me. It has come to a point that I feel naked and weird without it.

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BSP Steeler bicycle to bring me everywhere

fiets in gele bladeren

I bought this one about two years ago. Before that, I did not use a bicycle that much. I needed to lose some weight (about 20 kilo’s) and decided to take a bike to work and to see my friends.

So I went to the shop, bought the lazy version of a bike that does not need maintenance and drove off. I started loving the bike. I take it anywhere, even when it rains. And guess what? It did not have any maintenance or reparations since I bought it almost three years ago.

I even drove 350 km to Texel in the Netherlands and it didn’t fail me once.

Stan Smith Adidas shoes to walk me around town

They are less than a year old and already good for the trashcan. I just can’t get myself to throw them away. I bought them right after coming back from Rome. I have barely put on any other shoes ever since. I used them to walk through Stockholm, I walked in the WandelWalhalla twice, a little trip to Rotterdam, through the mud at Mont Saint Michel, two days at the Eroica cycle festival, and so much more…

I threw them away in Göteborg to safe space in my bag… but it was painful to do so. I now have bought a new pair.

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What objects can’t you miss in your life?

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